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    For Sale 2 Oil Filters New

    I'd grab that super strap if I was closer!
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    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Time for a bump. Have sent out a hand full recently. Have the blanks ready to go - just need to polish them up. Knobs anre usually a day or 2 to get. Tuna are coming and they work on other species too!
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    Pretty cool! As soon as I catch something bigger than my bait ill hit you up!
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    SOLD Tuna tower loop

    See ya this evening
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    For Sale 2008 Mercedes S550

    That is pure luxury!
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    SOLD Tuna tower loop

    Whats the footprint measurements? Aluminum or Stainless?
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    WTB 200 hpdi help

    Our 150 hpdi fuel problem was the VST for a while. Rev high in neutral but put it under load and would bog, hesitate and not rev up. later a became a piston let go, we still dont know why.
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    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Sent out 5 polished blanks yesterday. Fishing is heating up! Need spikes?
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    Dana Landing frozen flying fish...

    They were $30 each last season,,,
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    Charkbait customer service

    Not dumb, people always pitch a bitch when its a bad experience but hardly ever post about a good one. So good on you to tell the story and boost their business.
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    SOLD Mr Heater Buddy

    Where ya at?
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    FREE 2 stroke gas and oil pre mixed

    Know anyone with a smudge pot?
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    SOLD NIB Penn International V 30VW $350

    Nice reel. Curious why Ebay won't let you sell any more?