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  • Hey Matt, I PM'd you on your Crucial and Calstar rods on BWE. I am in Carlsbad and work in Clairmont area.
    Is your calstar factory wrapped? Can you email me the pics to: [email protected]
    Hey Matt!

    Hope you are well.

    I was wondering what Nate Carlson user name was on BD. I met him yesterday afternoon and was telling him about how good the bass fishing has been lately. Best year in a while after a tougher than normal last 3-4 years.

    Also, I'll try and make it down for the MDR weigh in. It's been a while since I checked it out and I know a lot of guys.

    Matt Moyer
    Matt Moyer
    Not sue what his User Name is. I am not fishing the SWBA next week since I am so busy at work. Fishing seem to bust WO. Hope to get out soon. See you on the water!
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