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    ELEC-TRA-MATE REELS with Penn 330GTI

    I have 1 model 430-XP and 1 model 414-HS both with PENN 330 reels. The 430-XP needs some work the other one worked well last time out. Selling as is 200 each.
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    Daiwa Saltiga rods with Daiwa 40 reels

    4 each Rods (SA-B 70MHP 7ft med hvy 15-30) 2 each rods (SA-B 70 heavy 20-50) 4 each 40t 2 each 40H theses Daiwa set ups were originally purchased for Sturgeon rods. Then transitioned to Tuna live bait sets ups. rods are in good condition the reels could use some maintenance but at price...
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    8ft boat

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    8ft boat

    Small lightweight 8 ft dingy plastic $200 in federal way.
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    1000 pound boat lift

    Ace 1000 pound boat lift electric powered. I’m selling due to not having a need to lift boat off the beach. Able to pick up 16 ft Alaskan aluminum boat off the beach over 4 ft bulkhead swing arm cable strap for boat included. If you have a need for a device like this feel free to check it out...
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    First family tuna run

    That’s so cool to see great job of picking the right day to go conditions were prime for sure.
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    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    Was it a pink with blue 140 must of been his:jig:
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    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    I heard someone on the radio say they were watching a sailfish jump or marlin must of been you guys. It put on a show that’s for sure. My buddy Johnny Brandt is still talking about it today it was amazing for sure they have so much power and speed.
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    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    It certainly did hold I only wish I had the experience like Ryan commented that makes since I heard you back down on them but didn’t know you could hold them like that dam should of could of hopefully there’s a next time or first time for other BDers
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    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    Thanks Patrick my brother did his best with phone to get some photos they are so freaking fast we had a shot at it that’s for sure. I bet someone will get one this year it’s awesome to go out and get Tuna but now we all have a shot at a Marlin. Was using a Shimano TLD25 65 pound braid with 80...
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    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    Thanks for blowing the picture up that helps some. Probably should have posted under reports as well thanks
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    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    We fished the WTC and the day started out great. We ran south to 26/44 saw 66.8 degree water so decided to get on the troll we pretty much were in the fish non stop. By 11:30 had 19 in the boat back on the troll with Zucchini being the hot set up and my buddy Johnny yeahs fish on then he’s yeahs...
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    Sat phones input

    I used the in reach while in Montana Bob Marshal wilderness it worked great got the unlimited plan then you suspend till you need again