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    Annual Mexican Fishing License - Update
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    I had a reliable report from a friend who went about 10 mi off la jolla on Tuesday, looking for patties holding yellows. He saw 30# yellowfin jumping on bait. No big foamers but lots of activity. Couldn't get them to go but all he had was bigger irons. Looked like they were on the small chovies.
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    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    Salmon heads....not the Ginsu
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    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    I cut mine in half lengthwise (Ginsu blade!). Solana Beach tackle shop has them
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    11-19–19 A.M. half day

    That's a sunset behind Tetons! ;)
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    There still out there.

    Fresh topshot every trip.... $5-10.....kinda worth it considering all the other expenses
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    SCI yellowfin

    There's only one. Everyone is just keeping it a secret from you.
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    SF Bay Striper & Halibut fishing - video

    Thought there was 18" minimum size on stripers up north! :p:p:p :frehya2:
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    Tuna Seiners

    I have solid proof (I read it on the Internet!) that the catfood industry is driven by all those bastards using it as chum for making bait. Yet another reason fishing needs to be more tightly regulated. Artificials only! No more bait-fishing allowed! Mitch McConnell, help us out on this one....
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    Liberty "Wounded Warrior" 3/4 day report October 1

    Thank YOU and everyone involved for YOUR service!
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    Oside Nada 9.16.19

    Is the ramp closed too this weekend, or just the parking lot?
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    Tax man came to play

    Might do yourselves a favor and read the regs abouts baiting white sharks.
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    U.S. fish, anyone?

    Just checked swell again. Never mind! o_O
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    U.S. fish, anyone?

    Just got off, doesn’t look so bad at all. Is there some weird tight swell I don't know about?
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    U.S. fish, anyone?

    Heading out early Sunday. Any signs today in domestic waters? 9? Ridge? 43?