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    American Angler Nov. 5th 7 Day Trip

    Yes. The only kicker would be the big Bluefin ! Seems they hit on half and full moon. We won't have a moon. But will be prepared just in case. Be coming in on Sunday.
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    American Angler Nov. 5th 7 Day Trip

    Steve Any intel on Guadalupe for this trip ?
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    VMC 7360R hooks

    What's wrong with the rings?? To thin,. Not large enough ?
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    Dolphin Motel toast

    Talked to management , 2018 we are ok. Will start construction in 2019. Booked a room for November 2018 !
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    the tsutaoka charter on the marla IV, january 2018

    Alan is that Ben from Lodi ?
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    christmas crab on the new huck fin, emeryville - 12/22/2017

    Alan question: What size squid are you using. Small market size or the larger ones like we use on the kite on long range ?
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    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Thanks Guys and Merry Christmas
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    Scale to calibrate you reels

    I have the Shimano scale also, goes to 50 lbs. Last trip found it was off by 5 lbs. How do you adjust the scale to calibrate correctly. I see no type of adjustment screw on scale. Anybody have an idea ?
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    Circle Hooks for Cows

    Been out of the game for 2 years. Whats the latest and greatest circle hooks for Clarion and Hurricane ??
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    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    Red dye diesel supposed to be no extra tax.
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    Kona Charters

    Going to be in Kona March 19 -26 th. Would like to go fishing for a day . Would like to just catch fish , don't need to catch the pelagics. I do long range out of San Diego for big tuna. Want to have a nice enjoyable day on the water and just wet a line. Any suggestions ? Thanks Mark
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    Roll Call Intrepid Dec. 8 ..... 14 day ...

    See you Tuesday. Almost done packing !!
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    80w and 130's

    I have a 80 Narrow given to me by a retired LR. It is a beast, never have used it but would say kite only. To heavy to hold all day !!!!
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    Intrepid Berutich 10-day...Anyone?

    Bill. Glad to be fishing with you again in December. Is Pat on this trip also ?. Trying to get Todd and the gang again!!! Just like old times !!!!!