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    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    What do the halibut look like on your depthfinder?
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    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    Toad red! Congrats!
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    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 3/27-28/21

    Sounds like a blast! Congrats!
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    Bad day turned good!

    Well, I guess the eyes have it!...
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    CIH Dabbin'

    Sweet rig! Don't think I've ever seen one like that before.
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    CIH Dabbin'

    Nice report! You got a pic of the mosquito?
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    It’s almost over

    Nice! Colorado river? I always thought it would be fun to try to figure out how to hunt it.
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    Youth Hunt Opportunities?

    Its not too late to put in reservation applications for the youth waterfowl hunt Feb 6-7. Both wister and SJ put on a nice event for the kids. Not sure what impact covid will have on the festivities this year.
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    Wister Questions/ Midseason Wrap-up

    For the arrowweed, If you are driving the 111 south of thermal, just past Grant st. turn left on Thobe, go over the tracks and turn right on Hammond. There should be a stand of arroweed on the right along the train tracks. It goes for quite a ways and is safer than being on the side of 111...
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    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    So sorry to hear this...
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    Nice mixed bag of ducks 11/15/2020

    Wow, that really is a MIXED bag! Congrats! And, yes, coot IS delicious...Especially the ones that you see grazing like at San Jacinto. Like grass-fed beef!