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    Offshore 1.5 day charter on the Pursuit (9/11-9/13)

    Excellent report! Thanks and congrats!
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    Offshore Epic trip 8-19 to 8-21

    Wow! Looks like a blast! Congrats
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    Offshore 8/8/22 BFT

    Fantastic! Congrats! You can just see the stoke on the kids faces!
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    Offshore Old Glory 8/8

    Great report! Thanks!
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    Inshore LJ Kelp

    Sounds like a great camping situation. Sorry you felt so poorly. Covid is a thief. Sounds like you have raised up a couple studly young men there! Well done!
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    Offshore 6/8 BFT and freak accident... Learn from my mistake.

    Dang! I need a minute to catch my breath...
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    Offshore Story, not a report

    Great story! Thank you. That's what it is all about...
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    Eastern Sierra 5/2-5/5

    Great report! Thanks for taking us along! Congrats on an excellent trip.
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    Offshore Liberty 4/29

    Congrats and great report! Thanks for taking us along!