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    Tragic call for help on the 312

    Wow...just tragic. Condolences to all involved. I listened to something similar at Havasu years ago. Houseboat full of spring breakers and someone fired up the motor not realizing someone was there. Sad stuff. Haunting indeed. Be careful out there...
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    Seeing Ghosts on The Mirage 7/27

    Great trip and write up! Hilarious!
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    Long Beach and surrounding

    Lunch doesn't get any fresher than that! Awesome!
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    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    Sounds like a great day! Congrats guys! I used my K-man specials to nab some sculpin on the victory today!
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    Grace of God.....

    Amen Brother! Great story! Nothing better than getting to fish with our kids. Awesome fish. What a blessing indeed!
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    Channel Gold

    Nice ! It ain't over til its over!
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    Stardust awesomeness!

    We used a variety of hooks. mostly 1, 1/0 and 2/0. I do prefer the smaller hooks for the whitefish. Today they were mixed in with the rockfish and biting the bigger hooks ok.
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    Stardust awesomeness!

    Thanks guys! Yes Swami! The Megamouth! (AKA the Stardust Burger when you are on the Coral Sea) The top and bottom buns are actually grilled cheese sandwiches, its topped off with a fried egg and everything in between is pure deliciousness! Friday was only the second time I took one down all on...
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    Stardust awesomeness!

    Short report… Just another high-quality, high class trip with the guys up in Santa Barbara! Our group had limits all around on the rockfish and limits or close to limits on the white fish. As well as a few lings and a jackpot winning sheep head... My personal best! Seven of us spent an hour...