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    Kaneohe - 9-27-2019

    Better than luck than I. Kids in town for just a couple days- winds down- left Kaneohe 0535 back at 1800- not a knockdown all day. At least you got some sashimi! Thanks for the post, good to know it wasn't just me and lockjaw fish.
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    Longest Catch of the Year and not proud of it!

    Mahalo for clearing the hazard and glad Hana Bata Days ok!
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    Pelagic Kaneohe

    Ono great grinds! I'm definitely down for any tournament out of Kaneohe as well!
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    Custom Boat Shirt Graphics on Oahu?

    Aloha All, Is there a goto place on Oahu for custom boat shirt graphics? Need artwork help as well and printing. I can find lots of mainland places (like canyongear) but would rather keep the $$ on the islands. Mahalo Mark
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    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    zz Concur! Always have my knife and when solo or up in the tower always wearing inflatable life jacket and plbs. (My wife (also has a plb) would kill me if I was stupid and fell overboard and died for the sake of gear that costs less than one of my reels- or almost anything else on the boat!)...
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    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Mahalo Mike! (And pictures now upload!)
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    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Mahalo Pat, Darren, Marty & Don. As for pics- tried different formats, also tried creating a media album to share where I discovered the pic limit is 10MB! Even their I get same message with 5MB pics... figure the BD software or server is the issue.
  8. Windward Oahu 6-7-2019

    Windward Oahu 6-7-2019

    Solo adventure
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    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Sorry guys I've drop the images to under 500KB and they still wont upload and "How to use forum" not helping any suggestions? Keep getting file too large for server to process....
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    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Mentally planned to spend the entire day- sunrise to sunset fishing for ahi.... Departed dock 0500, head buoy at 0525, lines wet by 0545 or so then trolled my way out Past U (0630). Plan was to head past U 5-6 miles and then head NW outside LL and then around X, J and H before returning back...
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    Ono for Mothers Day Dinner

    Mahalo Shadzda, Pat, Nick, Mike, John, Appreciate the great support we have here in the islands! Ono did a number on the lure/skirts and leader, and the marlin abraded two more leaders.... Re-riggin for the next run! Alex, So far two hookups in the last two trips this year! I'm 2 for 5...
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    Ono for Mothers Day Dinner

    Solo run hoping for something for Mother's Day. Departed MCBH Kaneohe 0500, past Sampan channel head buoy 0530. 0600 lines wet, sun is coming up. Headed out to U marked fish at 50-100ft but not able to raise- Headed toward LL nothing but a beautiful day- kept going towards X. Midway to X...
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    First Ahi Haleiwa

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    First Ahi Haleiwa

    Awesome catch Noa! Congrats!