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    Offshore Pac Queen Barn Burner 6-14-21

    Congrats. Glad you guys killed it. Just amazing.
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    Want some custom rods in Socal

    I also highly recommend Jims custom rods.
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    Offshore 226 Yellows and Bluefin 5-5

    Very nice. Congrats on the new PB. Hopefully gets bigger next time.
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    Not a good week for me

    Sorry for the sad news.
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    Happy Thanksgiving my brothers

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Thank you. We are going to have BBQ as well and is going to be beef ribs, my favorite.Be safe everyone.
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    CALSTAR 800 M Rod for sale

    good looking rod. Any Info on the wrapper? GLWS
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    Brazilian Seafood Stew

    My wife just made Moqueca Last night for dinner and we had some friends over. It was soooooo good. The Palm oil is the key ingredient.(Dende)
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    Penn Fathom 40nld2 and Phenix Axis

    Good Buddy.Thanks. Interested in the reel only. Are you willing to separate them?Let me know and the Price too. Thank you. How are you doing?
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    Penn Fathom 40nld2 and Phenix Axis

    Hey Andy.Nice set up. GLWS
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    209 yesterday

    Thanks for the report. Lets hope those Dorado show up soon.
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    Tackle lot, tons of hooks, flatfalls, irons - Laguna Niguel

    See. good things happen in 2020 too and this is one of them. what a deal.
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    NO LONGER FOR SALE. 58 Impala

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    Offshore 6/21 SCI Ridge

    Thanks for the report. Always a new/different experience. you'll get them next time.