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    I need one of these. Where can I get it?

    I like her. Just keeping an open mind.
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    Cluster of boats - Parking Lot on AIS

    When you hear, "Do Not Follow the Fleet", that really means private boats should not follow the sport boats. The sport fleet always share numbers.
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    Ah!. I understand now. My bag was put in the bed of a pickup truck.

    Ah!. I understand now. My bag was put in the bed of a pickup truck.
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    Waterproof kill bag?

    What exactly is the problem if a game bag leaks a little water through the seams? My deck was wet alot from hosing down fish blood. I little from the game bag was not an issue.
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    Largest Parker Sport Cabin for a 30' slip in Dana Point?

    They will measure with the engines up, which is how owners store the boats. That adds to overall length
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    What size mooring for Avalon?

    My guess, since you have out board engines is you will get a 40 foot mooring. It is based on overall length, including bow pulpit and and over hang at the stern. A 32 model can be 37 LOA.
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    Stigmas such as changing a boat name?

    I changed the name on 2 boats and did not follow any type of Ghosting Rules. Just remove the old name and put on a new decal.
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    They missed by 30 feet!

    Blue Herons strike again. Bummer.
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    Dana Point Inshore Fishing Spots

    If you want to keep the kids interested, Buy a small bucket of chum and sit off the salt creek kelp area in 60 feet. Cut a few small holes in the lid of chum bucket and tie off to a rope and hang over the side. You will soon have all the Mackeral the kids want. Bass will be attracted to the chum...
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    Wanted: Uniflite Salty Dog in So. California / West Coast

    There is a 28 on cragislist in HB. Single 504 diesel. Setup as a tow boat/rescue boat. There are a few on east coast that are better priced. These would be good for a re-power. No trailer. Need to ship. About 8 to 9K.
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    WTB spreader bar and daisy chain

    I have 4- Sterling tackle spreader bars for sale. @ in pink and 2 in lime green. Each has a storage bag. I only used them a few times before selling my boat. I used the 36" Archer bars but they finally wore out. PM me if interested.
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    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    Try dropping off a competent friend to go get your truck and trailer. You pull away from dock area and wait. Friend then backs trailer in between the ramps and you drive onto the trailer. It takes skill but it avoids endless waiting. No need to walk a boat onto a trailer next to the dock.
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    Sport Fishing Charter. Kauai end of April

    Capt. Devo. Thanks for the recommendations. My kid has fished a lot off So Cal on our boats. We don't have trade winds, but afternoon westerlies are 15 to 20 knots. I agree that being prepared is the way to go. Only cure for sea sickness is dry land and would hate to ruin a good day on the...
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    Sport Fishing Charter. Kauai end of April

    Hi Guys. Looking for Charter recommendations for Kauai. Last week of April. I usually fish out of Kona and my kid is going to Kauai. Not sure which harbor the boats leave from and if they fish the trade winds.
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    Front mount hitch?

    I had a bow hitch welded to the right side frame on a 1992 Dodge 3/4 ton diesel. I towed a 20 ft Shamrock and the storage yard I was in had narrow isles. Plus, the old style Dodge and a long turning radius. I used an extra long hitch receiver so the trailer would not bind on the front bumper...