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    Help with trim tilt on Mercruiser

    Trim tilt function has been a bit spotty, then it just stopped entirely. Pulled the limit sender sensor thingys apart and cleaned them up (they were horrible). Still no joy. Just a clicking sound at the pump. Looking further, the wires from said sensors after passing through the transom turned...
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    Salmon jigging rod?

    Thinking of picking up a dedicated salmon jigging rod. Down rigger and other rods are all 8'6+ and have quite a bit of "give". Kinda a pain trying to jig with them. Thinking something between 7 and 8' with a pretty fast action, good power, and light weight. Any favorite suggestions? ETA -...
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    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Almonds, beef jerky, vienna sausages, Spam rolls with wasabi and ginger, fig newtons....... Water and cold beer.
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    Free boat shit....

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    Red Dot 254 Heater.

    New, never installed, Red Dot 254 heater. $100 - pick up Gig Harbor/Tacoma area.
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    Motoring north

    Nice! I’d enjoy hearing about it. Fuel and over night stops, water and weather, shipping traffic, etc.... When are you headed up?
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    Motoring north

    Holy smokes! I figured it be about like the sound for the most part. 10+ foot wind waves. Yikes.
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    Motoring north

    Appreciate the feedback! Trip will be a few years out. Littlest just turned one. Excited to start planning it though!
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    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    15 years ago you could spend a day carving cheeks out of halibut carcasses at the fish houses on Kodiak. Used to be a kid could fill a couple five gallon buckets with what they were tossing. Doubt that happens anymore.
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    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    I have no idea about brands, but as a kid in the 80’s, we looked for light weight and a solid axle. The old 5-7 hp Briggs were great, but for a while we had two car batteries powering a SBC starter motor. It was violent. Broke chains nearly every time. I still have thoughts about building...
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    Motoring north

    Thinking about motoring up Discovery and Johnstone straight to the north of Van Island in our 23’ fishing boat. Make a 6-10 day trip out of it with the kids. Has a small cuddy, would camp most every night. Bring supplies and reload at the bigger ports. I hold about 100 gallons of gas, cruise...
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    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    I took 101 out to Lapush and back Fri/Saturday. I must have hit it right. Sat there for less than 5 minutes and started moving. Slow going around the lake but it opened right back up. Was just over 3 hours from Gig Harbor to Forks. Coming back Sat I got stopped at one of the temp lights and...
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    Canned clam recipe?

    Post a thread about eating clams and look what happens.........Lol.
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    Permatrim or Not?

    Why not trim tabs? You get fore/aft trim adjustment and also port/starboard.
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    Canned clam recipe?

    Whose got THE canned clam recipe? Tried some this weekend that were really good. The fella that had them didn’t know the recipe. Has a 3rd party can up them up and they don’t spill the beans (or clams) when it comes to the how to. They were definitely packed with a bit of oil. Not much, after...