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    Assist Hooks for Flat Fall BFT Rigging & Proper Size Replacement Treble for Colt Snipers?

    2/0 but thinking of using 5/0 for those bft at the surface that seems to laughing at me.
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    Jig addiction

    You might need some darker colored jigs, maybe darker mint and scramble eggs iron or brown aji colt sniper type.
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    Okuma Clamps suck?

    They stop sending 2 sets of clamp screws?
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    Mint penn senator 9/0 with hand crank

    Very nice, perfect for those 100 fathom drops.
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    What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?

    Boat spinning rod over 7’ and bring back the Fenwick Inshore model.
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    Proteus 76mhf enough rod?

    I tried putting a Lexa 400 on a boat 8’ MH Proteus and the line will rub on the grip at #5 drag; better off with rods recommended here for the Lexa or komodo.
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    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Still use my Quantum IR120 for spottie, my all time favorite when Quantum Reels are made in Japan.
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    Anyone know what these types of jigs are used for?

    I remember using those over 4 decades ago. Pier fishing with #4 test line with strip of fillet anchovy. Good for queenfish and mackerel.
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    Handle change on Pro Gear reels?

    I used after market handle made for Daiwa sealine. This is for the CS 501 and CS 551.
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    Rain possibility bad for fishing??

    Same as Cubey, I had very good luck when the barometric level is rapidly going down and when the dry bulb and wet bulb temp are about to meet and a few hours after. The next day after that is not a good day.
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    What would you add to my Arsenal

    Agree, then add a stealth 15/20 live bait; God knows how many times it made my day.
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    ***New Bluefin Tuna Tail mount!

    Outstanding job. I actually stared at that thing for a good while and zoom in and out. Work of art bro!
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    Avet, HX 5/2-MC Raptor

    2nd if it don’t sell.