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    Charkbait Fred Hall Sale

    Can’t beat those prices plus the staff is very knowledgeable. Fathom 2 speed getting low in supply. They got Okuma SCT jigstick for 90 bucks.
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    Your first or favorite concert?

    First is Black Sabbath in Long Beach arena. Favorite all time is Iron Maiden with Accept in Providence RI. Awarded 45 days restriction and 45 days extra duties performed with pleasure. I couldn’t make it back on time for morning muster.
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    Offshore Relentless two day 4Jun21 - Coast Guard rescue

    This is an Outstanding report, got me all choked up with American pride. Thanks.
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    Offshore Western Pride Full Day for Bluefin

    Congrats! Great job with the 4/0. Had similar experience many years ago and regretted having the handle slotted for speed rather than torque.
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    Assist Hooks for Flat Fall BFT Rigging & Proper Size Replacement Treble for Colt Snipers?

    2/0 but thinking of using 5/0 for those bft at the surface that seems to laughing at me.
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    Jig addiction

    You might need some darker colored jigs, maybe darker mint and scramble eggs iron or brown aji colt sniper type.
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    Okuma Clamps suck?

    They stop sending 2 sets of clamp screws?
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    Mint penn senator 9/0 with hand crank

    Very nice, perfect for those 100 fathom drops.
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    What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?

    Boat spinning rod over 7’ and bring back the Fenwick Inshore model.
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    Proteus 76mhf enough rod?

    I tried putting a Lexa 400 on a boat 8’ MH Proteus and the line will rub on the grip at #5 drag; better off with rods recommended here for the Lexa or komodo.
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    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Still use my Quantum IR120 for spottie, my all time favorite when Quantum Reels are made in Japan.
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    Anyone know what these types of jigs are used for?

    I remember using those over 4 decades ago. Pier fishing with #4 test line with strip of fillet anchovy. Good for queenfish and mackerel.
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    Handle change on Pro Gear reels?

    I used after market handle made for Daiwa sealine. This is for the CS 501 and CS 551.