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    Jalama Newbie AdviceMike

    Loaded with the works
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    Jalama Newbie AdviceMike

    Hello All Camped a few days at Jalama Beach, couldn’t help but notice that most were surf fishing. I’ve fished all my life , worked as a deckhand on the old Indiana on summer break with my high school buddy Jim (Rollo) Heyn, owned countless boats, but didn’t get into surf fishing. Now 40 years...
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    For Sale Ultra Clean 2009 Blackman Billfisher 26 - Last One Ever Built - 430 Hours

    I owned three 26’ Blackmans, two Billfisher and an Express. Awesome boats, great family. Dons employees were extremely dedicated and it showed in there attention to detail.
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    Show me your blackman boat

    I’ve owned 3 an Express and two Billfisher, all 26’. You learn how to use your trim tabs, but once mastered following seas are not a big deal. I sold the Patron’ quite a few years ago, definitely bittersweet. It was loaded . Still searching for a replacement.
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    SOLD 1985 Blackman Fish Machine Flybridge

    Nice Blackman, looks like my old boat.
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    SOLD 2006 PACIFIC 20' (Aluminum)

    Bump for a meticulous maintained boat.
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    WTB Ford Excursion Diesel 7.3 or 6.0

    Seconds for Bud’s diesel. They bulletproofed my 6 liter Sportsmobile runs amazing.!
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    SOLD 2006 PACIFIC 20' (Aluminum)

    Beautiful, you should list it on: lots of Pacifics on the site. Mike
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    Maritime 20D skiff with 2016 Suzuki 200 four stroke for sale...

    Nice , shows pride of ownership!! Are the additional fuel tanks plumbed? What do you guess on the weight? Mike
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    Looking for boat transportation.

    Looked into having a 23’ Pacific shipped from Westerly RI to my home LA. Cheapest I could find was $4100. They are a little cheaper as the weather improves, I’ll try to look thru my files for the info. Good Luck
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    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    Room for a quality bait tank on your 20’ ?
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    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    I almost pulled the plug on a 20 ‘ Patriot but it only held 29 gallons of fuel. I hear the newer models are now 50 gallon?
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    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    How does it compare to your Pacific Skiff?
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    Pacific Skiff

    Yes Black Lab Boats LLC was purchased by the “Welded Boat Company”based out of Texas and no longer have an agreement with Pacific. I know Pacific boats are alive and well in Washington, just find it funny that they are few and far between here on the West Coast. Thanks for the feedback !! Mike
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    Pacific Skiff

    Yes, they sold a lot of Pacifics. Tried finding them, I think they are out of business. Thanks Mike