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    Skipjack 30

    Nice! I see you have a railing in the cockpit. I also have a big cut board that mounts to railing and a magma Newport bbq with bag I'm getting rid of if your interested?
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    Skipjack 30

    I'm going to be selling mine soon. Hull #41 2006. Immaculate. Absolutely dialed boat. Turn Key. Not sure on your budget but this one is $250K
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    Wanted 30 Skipjack

    Mine is hull #41 of 42? I'm going to be listing it soon. I think it's the nicest one in existence. It's going to list for $275K
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    finally done skippy 30

    Her she is now.
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    finally done skippy 30

    I just bought this boat. I think I'm the 3rd owner. Pretty cool to see all the build pics!
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    The 31 Bertram Build

    It went as flawless as it could have gone