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    Calstar Rod Decals

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    Price of Admission

    It already costs me enough going to cedros
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    Scientific lobster question

    I need to see how well it works for hypalon adhesive
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    Calstar Rod Decals

    Pm me you address. 4 to pescado 2 to you
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    Calstar Rod Decals

    I have 6 of the top pictured decals you want. Let me know
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    Clemens vs renzetti rod lathe

    I’ve been happy with my renzetti lathe. I changed out o rings once on the support wheels and burnt out two motors. The motors were my fault, too lazy to go out to the garage and use my wood lathe on hypalon. I’ve used it hard. It’s been worth it
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    Old FENWICK / Lamiglas salmon rods

    I have 4 unbuilt NOS blanks SP845F 9’ 2pc SH964F 9’ 2pc LB1655XH 5.5‘ heavy bait/trolling MSP721F 6’ 2 pc ultralight interested?
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    Select that rod carefully...

    Did that once on an american angler 10 day. Yellowfin handed me my ass on too light a rod. Cameron had to finish it off. Sam had fun telling me it would have won jackpot on the last night before we docked
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    Free vhs tapes, fly tying, fly casting etc

    I have a box of fly fishing vhs tapes. About 14 tapes iirc. Fly tying, fly casting tutorials, trout and steelhead fishing. I was given this by a BD’er years ago and would like to give it to someone that can use it. Free! pick up in poway, Ca
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    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    I’ve called that number a couple times in the past 6-7 years, same thing, answering machine.
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    Shogun - Police

    They have diseases these days that will scare the chit out of penicillin
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    Aluminum Trailer Beams?

    I got some at Escondido metal supply on mission rd. They have, or can get, structural square tube or the lighter stuff.
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    Reprinting Mexican Fishing Lic

    Good to know. I usually buy online and print a few off to cma
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    Splicing 400lb

    I have to ask......what are you using this for? tackle direct has 500 lb hollow spectra. Jerry Brown brand. Like Sawmi said , a sleeved and served connection will be the cleanest.
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    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    nothing.....but it’s still awesome to watch