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    Offshore Two Out Bottom of the 9th - 8/28

    Not over til it’s over! Nice haul, too bad the YFT didn’t wanna cooperate
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    Islands Catalina Sat

    Great looking fish
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    Islands Mission Belle Friday Aug. 27

    Almost jumped on that boat with ya, sure wish I would have.
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    Inshore Kayak Dorado

    That’s pretty rad man!
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    Offshore Back to back days on the water

    Cool to see the YFT showing up and on the chew, good work
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    Offshore Dodos and Yellows/ Temp break crucial

    Fresh meats always good 💪🏼
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    Looks like an older post I missed, but if this makes you a look I’d be afraid to know what they’d call me! Sounds like a day you’ll never forget! Proud puppy right there too
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    Offshore WAtch out !

    Super wild rant of you ask me! Fishing goes this way once in a while! But I can tell ya one thing, WE ALL watch fish counts and keep tabs on the fishy boats. It doesn’t do anyone any good to not give their best efforts. The boat captain and crew need to catch fish to sell spots and have repeat...
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    Offshore First marlin ever

    That’s bad ass dude! Congrats
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    Offshore Got lucky 8/20

    Nice man! That’s good grade a fish for a trash can lid paddy. We ran across one once and only stopped for shit and grins and bam!!!! Ya just never know
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    Islands Coronados on the San Diego 8/18

    Killed it dude! Right on!!!!!