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    Shamrock Boat in AZ.

    I knew that boat looked familiar! I saw it in Pawel's yard a while back.
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    Shimano Talica 20II - PRACTICALLY NEW

    **** SOLD **** The 'Edit' button isn't working for me.
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    Shimano Talica 20II - PRACTICALLY NEW

    TTT 600 cash or Venmo **FREE FedEx OVERNIGHT shipping**
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    Shimano Talica 20II - PRACTICALLY NEW

    400+ yards of 100# PP Been on 1 boat ride, PRACTICALLY NEW - never hung a fish on it or even got the line wet - duplicate setup so selling this 1. Comes with everything pictured - sorry no box or manual (tossed them). $615 CASH I will offer FREE FedEx OVERNIGHT shipping if you pay via VENMO...
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    Offshore BFT 2/26

    On a jet ski?? Stud!!!
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    Parker 2310 kill box enlargement modification!

    I didn't throw they made sea keepers for smaller vessels? Has that changed?
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    1/4" galvanized anchor chain 50'+

    WM4 marking - should be West Marine's house branded G4 I believe? I got 60'+ continuous - no connections. Calling it 50' to be safe. $65 cash? Located: Orange
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    Meet Maverick.......

    Link? Can't seem to find it? Is it a sistership or the actual Maverick?
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    Meet Maverick.......

    Any updated pics of her??
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    Meet Maverick.......

    🤣🤣 1991 Radon 27 LRB - she was originally commissioned for Don Jr. 80% restored (twin Volvo 41Bs & DP 290s fully rebuilt), custom rails all around, custom rocket launchers ... lots of goodies 😁
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    SS rear four blade for VP 290?

    Think 2X about the SS vs Alum. I kept mine AL bc in the event you run over something, I'd rather replace my props vs my outdrive.
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    Meet Maverick.......

    #Twins What's the update on Maverick?? I've read all 5 pages and need to know! LOL!!