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    Thresher post from a decade ago?

    Anyone know where the thread is from that big T that took the dude for a ride into the night and he posted on here for backup? Was sharing inflated fish tales tonight and that one came to mind but can’t find it.
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    Avet Pro EXW 30 Free spool issues

    Depending how you fish it depends on if you want to oil or grease the bearings. I pack my trollers and land based reels with grease. But if you’re casting it then oil is the way to go.
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    SOLD 2012 Livingston 19 Yamaha 115

    Factory specs isn’t loaded with gear and 3 people in the pacific. It’s probably unloaded on a lake
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    For Sale 20' Dory w/ 130 HP Yamaha Outboard

    Damn, wish I’d have seen this a week ago. If it’s available when I get back to the state’s in September I’ll take it! Haha
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    For Sale Zodiac FC470

    Priced too high without the floor
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    SOLD Tarpon 160 kayak

    just got this tarpon 16 around January, it’s well used but still in good shape overall. Needs a new front and side handle and probably just replace all the straps. I was slowly modifying it and turning it into an offshore rig but wasn’t able to get out and test it fully loaded. Turns out I’m...
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    Where to buy terminal tackle?

    That’s working load, multiply it by 5 for breaking strength
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    Patriot reels

    Oh I’m sure they do. This is my reel for long lining goldfish though, somebody has to keep the fairs stocked
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    Reel clamp nuts

    This is what came in my box with my new EX80. Obviously they do not fit and are not from avet. Or maybe they are?
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    Patriot reels

    Well it came. These bigger reels look good in patriot.
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    Patriot reels

    I got an email monday morning with a tracking number, unfortunately the shipper required a signature upon delivery and when it came to the house today nobody was home because we’re gone on the trip I was supposed to use it on. So they’ll try to deliver it again all week while nobody is there...
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    Makaira 80w

    It’ll hold a lot, I had 1,000 of 130 and about 250 of 1.17mm mono on my top