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    The Epic Summer Re-Cap

    Great video!! Its been an epic fall as well.
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    Late: constitution fishing 10/4

    I went the following day. Capt. Frank decided he was tired of fishing in a crowd so we went further south and west. Morning was slow at 9:30 we hit a paddy and Frank warned us that it was loaded. At 11:30 we were done, 8 hr. Ride home, the weather was perfect, so we could make good time riding...
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    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    I hear they are delicious with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
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    New fish cleaning requirements for the Sporties?

    Typically there is a little blood line left to trim on standard filets prior to the skin being left on. Same deal with the skin filets. It is a little more work to pull the skin off but does not require special equipment other than your hands.
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    8/1 First time on New-Lo An & 1st YFT for 70 year old

    Jig master a good set up on these fish. Congrats.
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    Late August YFT recomendations please

    You should be all set. Good luck. Borrow another rod 7 footer 20-30 from a friend for the penn.
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    Late August YFT recomendations please

    Bring a selection of hooks, anchovies 4s to 1s, sardine 1/0 to 4/0.
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    Late August YFT recomendations please

    What test line you use has more to do with bait than fish size. If it is anchovies a 20lb outfit that can cast it 15 feet away from boat is good. Sardine a 30 to 40lb out fit with 25 and 30 lb flouro leader about 3 feet is good. Don't make the leader too long knot needs to clear top guide before...
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    RR3 Bluefin Jim 5-day 2014 Report, Photos, Video

    Saw your trip offloading impressive catch! Must have been a great time. Toad yellows big bluefin and lots of in between.
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    Local bluefin tuna (We need Help)

    It is worth commenting. The CBD counts on our silence to fulfill their agenda.
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    Legend 1.5 Day 6/29

    I was on that trip I got a bluefin on a 4 oz. crippled herring in anchovy in the morning. Smaller 3.5 oz. megabaits in anchovy seemed to be working too. The halcos were working well on the troll but it seemed like they would hit pretty much anything I got a yellowfin on a Mex Flag Zuker. Fish...
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    Limits on the Limitless

    Glad your son had good time. Nice fish!
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    20 minute WSB

    Nice job Mary. Beautiful fish. Paul looks like a happy camper.