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    New Lo An 1.5

    Congrats, thx for the report.
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    6pack license course

    Getting the verified time on the water is the hard part. I believe it is 360 days signed off.
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    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Thanks for the report but that is fucked up.
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    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    I took it as a political statement. Why even say it? They are trying to recruit fisherman obviously. Why possibly alienate those that believe differently?
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Adults are talking, go back to the kiddie table and draw pictures and color. Your punctuation sucks too!
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    You dont need to apologize to Dano. He can't communicate other than through memes. He likes pictures and cute catch phrases of which his memes are 99% false. Memes and rolling on the ground laughing are his responses to anybody making a valid point. And Jer.. learn how to spell. Adult responses...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    As a Rad Tech you are taught to reduce your exposure to radiation by using time, distance and shielding. Spend the least amount of time around the source. Stand back away from the source to exponentially reduce your exposure. And wear protective lead shielding to protect from scattered...
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    437 casts, 1. Cherry poppin fish! 7/11/20

    Nice, run n gun success!