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    Tomahawk or Legend

    I'm trying to decide which boat to hop on. I haven't fished either of these but they both have a solid reputation. 2 day on the Tomahawk leaving Wednesday night returning Friday night for $650. 1.5 day on the Legend leaving Friday night and returning Sunday morning for $395. Full load on both...
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    They bit @ the Tanner

    Excellent work! Thanks for the report.
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    Boat Cover Help

    Find an RV cover that will do the trick. It won't be form fitting but they are much more reasonable than a boat cover. Scored a nice one off of ebay a while back for my 2520. Cost me $60 and the guy was local.
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    For Sale Garmin VHF 110 Like New

    I have a Garmin VHF 110 like new. Only used for about three months. Never mmsi registered. Missing mounting screws and mic clip. Located in San Diego $150obo.
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    For Sale Standard Horizon HX400 VHF Radio

    Grest price on a must have handheld. I'd buy it if I didn't already have one.
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    They Have To Start Somewhere

    Nice, good to see you got that rig up and running.
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    Yft and dorado

    Nice trip. We were out earlier in the week. Lots of empty paddies. Found one outside the Islands with some small yellows on it.
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    Fogless Fun

    Very nice But!
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    Limits of fog and tuna 10/15

    Nice work Buddy.. again and again and again!
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    Tanner Bank Tuesday

    Wow, that's some good luck there. Good for you and the crew. Nice work!
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    October 13, Low Expectations Fulfilled

    Nice paddy stop! I wonder if that's the paddy the Grande had their satellite tracker on. When we pulled the boat out Tuesday one of the crew was asking if we picked it up because the signal was in the lot somewhere. I guess you're their new paddy finder.:appl:
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    SOLD Tranx 500 PG reel

    Very interested if you'll ship to San Diego. I'll pay shipping and PayPal fees. Thx
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    10/13 S9 and Islands Report

    The man can't pass up a deal.. even for white go go boots. He's the Swap Meet King too.
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    San Diego 10/13

    Nice trip, those footballs are a fun fight.