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    Freshwater Skagit Sockeye

    As of the 19th F&W is reporting 165 in the trap @ Baker. Also heard of a 13 lbs turned in at Sportsmans warehouse along with 8 other fish on Wednesday. Also saw 7 of them caught in just a few hours on the same day. 2 for the boy and I. So yes a few fish to be caught but it is slow.
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    Lenght of tow rope, offshore

    Don't know a exact length but I would say 200+ and a good stretchy line.
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    La Push & Halibut

    So having relocated from SoCal to Washington and reading in past years about La Push and the butts that are out there, was starting on doing a little planning for it. Understand that the fog can roll in fast and that water get bad pretty quick also. But seeing that the quality of fish out...
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    Trying to Learn

    Philip, Hear you on the hard sell getting to move here from Hi. I just retired at the end of the summer and moved the family here from SoCal. So we are getting to deal with the weather adjustment too. Will agree with everyone else on the fishing. But it is good if you put in the time and do...
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    Freshwater Silvers with Fishguide Brian Oldfield, 10/28-9

    nice pic's... looks like you enjoyed the trip....
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    Elk Success

    nice beasties!!!! Looks like a good trip!
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    Saltwater Tillamook Bay Adventure 10/8/11

    Great Report!!!! Like the discreption.... Better luck next time.
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    Saltwater MA 6 STILL PIMPIN HO'S

    sweet! Like the duck Idea too... Just got to get the Ho's in the freezer before I can switch over... And head to Idaho to get the decoys picked up...
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    Saltwater Tuna Attacking Westport - 10-8

    Great Trip! Would be good to see some more of the Pic's... Need to think about getting out there for next year!
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    DP 10/1 - Black Seabass Video

    Way too Cool!!! Always a good time hooking into one of those things.
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    Saltwater Determined

    WOW!!!!! I know that pic's like that are killing the guys in SD. I don't think that many fish have been caught all season!!! Great Job!
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    BRING ON THE WOLF!!!! This way I can hunt them here in my home state instead of having to go to Idaho and pay the outragous cost of 31 bucks for the out of state tag.... Of course it has taken Idaho 20+ years of dealing with the problem till they finally are able to do something about it. Reb
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    Freshwater Skagit River

    Have been fishing on the North fork of the river expecting the rains from last weekend to bring in the fish.... Well that is not working out so much. Water is still a little high and fishing is slow. :_diarrhea_: There are some silvers in the river but they are few and far between, at least...
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    Freshwater Flyfishing on the Skagit

    Terry, Good to hear that you are back at it again... I like the "I twiched the line when it stopped moving part" Hope you make it back out again.
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    Saltwater Deception Pass

    Took the family camping over at the state park this weekend. Fished the North Beach with the crowd. Slow is not even the word for it. For the 2 days of fishing saw 5 fish caught. The good news is that we didn't loss any gear!