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    RR III 25SEP-01OCT 6 day

    Great report man thanks. Bet you are beat.
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    thursday dodos 9/24

    Nice work! Thanks for the report.
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    Schock Boats will Only Sell Grady Whites moving forward!

    I felt the same way because that is where I bought my 190 Montauk from. But after some research Sun Country Marine is now selling Boston Whaler and they will be coming to San Diego in the near future.
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    my dad needs your help

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    Will you take $50 for the lures? I am local here in sd.

    Will you take $50 for the lures? I am local here in sd.
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    9-10-15 same epic WFO bite

    Congrats! Great day!
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    My first 6 day leaves in a few weeks.

    Good luck man! I am jealous.
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    More Bounce to The Ounce

    Awesome colors!
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    No Marlin but not a bad consolation prize.

    Nice! I'm ready to catch my first dorado on my boat!
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    Dana Pt - Full Speed YFT and EPIC Hammerhead Video

    Great video! had the same thing happen to us last Friday but the Hammerhead actually got my tuna.
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    04SEP15 catching YFT

    Another great day! Thanks again Chad!!