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    Great looking boat how bigs the fuel tank and what kind of mileage do you get. Thanks
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    Islands Coronado Islands 6/27

    Nice job Cole way to get a few!
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    Inshore N9/178 then LJ

    Nice job on the reds John , even better job getting your son on some fish!! Thanks for the report
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    Offshore Yellowtail shootout fishing report.

    You got the bill fish figured out!! Nice job
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    Offshore Bluefin limits 6/22

    Long rod killers nice work!!
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    Offshore 6/21 aboard Sea Bacon

    Nice job way to put a day together!
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    Offshore 6/21 bft

    Nicely done thanks for the report!!
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    Offshore Got a few 6/21

    Launched with my uncle this morning and headed south to look for some tuna. We skipped on getting bait and headed out in semi mixed seas. Got down past the islands and started finding breezers everywhere. It took awhile to figure them out but eventually got them to go on the black 160 madmac...
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    Offshore Elvis lives 6/21

    Fun day today Ron!