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    Cold Bay Day...

    Nice work thanks for the report!
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    Trolling BD for Trolling Pictures and stories

    Local hoo 6 miles off LJ solo, fish bit a purple and orange marauder.
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    Nados 1/31

    I poached some in a cream sauce with spinach and sun dried tomatoes the other day and also broiled some and added a garlic butter spread on after. I will say it's one of my favorite fish to eat!
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    Nados 1/31

    No sign of squid that I saw, no blue lings this time.
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    Just another beautiful day D P 01.31.21

    Nice day LJ thanks for the report!
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    Nados 1/31

    Launched at 6 this morning with my buddy Michael and headed to the islands with a great half scoop of bait. Weather was cold and there was a decent north wind with slightly lumpy seas. Got to my spot in decent time and started picking at the bottom critters. We were able to put together a...
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    Just plain old fishing - DP 01.10.21

    Nice report LJ, looks like a relaxing day!
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    SOLD Calstar 900M, UC Reaper, CUI

    I'll take the reaper and CUI. Sending pm
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    Winter solstice variety pack

    Launched at 6 this morning with my good buddy Michael and an excellent scoop of bait, and headed to the islands for some cod fishing. The weather was amazing all day and even got pretty warm as the day went on. The fishing was fantastic with excellent quality all day long at my shallow water...