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    Call my buddy Brian he has 2 one for shaft and other I/O or OB 661-510-4052

    Call my buddy Brian he has 2 one for shaft and other I/O or OB 661-510-4052
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    Miya Epoch 800

    Could be Kite Reel or Deep Drop, level wind Hi low speed with line counter. 200.00 + Shipping
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    Rod Repair Central Coast

    Have contact Info?
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    Belly Hoop Tower $500.00

    Call I talk better then type
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    Belly Hoop Tower $500.00

    SOLD Thanks
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    1995 Ford F-250 4x4 7.3

    Selling my 1995 ford F-250 104,000 original miles Full Banks kit only (no water injection) Original seats and interior Air Bags Have tail gate too Been maintained open check book A little rust in back quarter panel and a few holes in bed from camper in past Why selling my company bought me a...
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    Ok it ended here

    24 to 27 MPH IM guessing 6,500ish my older Wilson was 7,500 this one is not as heavy. The house is glass molded or Balsa core with a little ply with no back. Were the 84 I had was all glass over ply this is a 1981 go figure? But Ive ran it for 54 hours now and it is either 1.90 mpg to 2.10...
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    Ok it ended here

    Ok built bracket for kicker and swim step installed Garmins new Auto pilot for the kicker sweet holds a course very good while trolling for Halibut. Can control throttle too. Plumed it to the main tank electric start and trim nice as it charges the batteries as it runs too.
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    Ok it ended here

    OK so for power I went for a Volvo Penta DBSB got it on ebay for 4,000 delivered put a new 383 stroker in front of it for 10,500 Pushes it good could be faster but hey it is what it is. Fuel burn rate is good for this big of boat avarge 2.0 to 2.10 miles a gallon at 22 to 23 Knots Coming home...
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    Ok it ended here

    He worked at both Anderson and Hulls yards for close to 30 years. Can do it all floats around Oxnard, Ven and SB areas doing work. Can do just about anything except I do not think he does LP only Gel coat. If you are in Orange not sure he would go that far? If serious PM me Areas for grinding is...
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    Ok it ended here

    Yep he's always done me right.