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    1983 champion fish/ski bass boat w/ merc 200

    Boat Loa and boat on trailer Loa please. Also hours on the motor. Thanks

    Need Jig ID Help

    Please do not strip the jig! You will only ruin it!

    Random floats off of Long Beach

    LNL's might be helpful. Also maybe the depth.

    Did the Indy go on their 10 day on Monday?

    The Indepence just tied up at 22st landing about 1hr ago.

    Sportys anchoring for tuna vs drifting

    Don't forget your American American Express card Saturday uncle Jeff.

    Gopro & accesories

    Sold. Call Jim Bob

    Live Look at Dana Point

    Same Shit here in San Pedro.

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    You forgot green Bombers. Nice Fish!

    Yellows at the Horseshoe?

    60-61 degrees this AM on the shoe. Lots of finbait though. Looks fishy just need the water to warm up.

    Is anyone fishing?

    Buddy's getting his share every day! LBC ? He even let's me catch one every now and then. one every once in a while.

    Inexpensive Surface iron rod

    This jigmaster I bought used in the early 80s $25 added some Newell parts and never looked back! Lot's of dead fish later it still works as well as ever. Although it's not so its not so easy to fish the 540 any more.

    Inexpensive Surface iron rod

    Big5 Sabre 8' cork tape rod, not much of a choice. Jigmaster and some good Quality string and you're good to go! Then go from there,don't ask me how I know. $200+- and your fishing.