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    Bumping old posts

    Newbies, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!! STOP asking if something is still for sale on a post that is months old and even YEARS OLD!!! PLEASE PM the seller. It makes it frustrating when I see gear I want , only to see click on the post and realize it’s been “bumped” from months old or even years old...
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    Dam Lou, your giving us Nor Cal folks a bad name. Wait your in Arizona??
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    Shulure and IOL jigs

    Have some miscellaneous jigs that I will never use. 3 long ones on right of pic are 200 grams and all the others are 250 grams. $50.00 shipped conus PayPal as friends and family or Venmo. That’s about $6.00 shipped each which I think is more than fair
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    OG Avet MXJ $100.00

    I have an older model Avet MXJ for sale. Got this in a trade and I don’t need it. It is a LEFTY !! $100.00 shipped within the continental US. PM for questions or anything else.
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    Daiwa SL20SH or SL30SH

    Found one. Mods please close
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    Seeker - Custom Wrapped, Creamsicle Skinny Butt Ulua - WTS jigstick

    Must resist taking a drive to San Diego just for this.
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    Daiwa SL20SH or SL30SH

    Want to buy either. More rash the better, cheaper for me :) I am in San Jose so will probably need to be shipped. PM me pics or send them to me at 408-707-8607. PLEASE no texts after 9:00 PM