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    WTB 30-40 HP 2 stroke outboard

    Can you message me some pics? I’m interested!
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    WTB 30-40 HP 2 stroke outboard

    I’m dealing with a shop now that has been challenging, Do you have a lead on where I could get one? Thanks!
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    WTB 30-40 HP 2 stroke outboard

    looking for a deal on a used, good condition 30-40 Hp 2 stroke. Electric start, controls and cables preferred. Just not a tiller model. I’m located in north Orange County. Help me get my little whaler on the water so I can take my son fishing, Thanks in advance!
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    Outboard recommendations

    I picked up a 72 boston whaler (13’) and I want to change the outboard to a 4 stroke. Currently it has a 2-stroke 40hp Suzuki. Looking for advice on which 30 HP 4-stroke to get. I know if I plan to fish lakes in higher elevation, fuel injection is a must. I have a steering column so I don’t...
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    For Sale Hobie Calibogie

    I’m in GG as well. I think I might be able to convince the wifey to let me pull the trigger but need to see if this is something that’d fit in my garage...
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    SOLD 15' Calibogie (Hobie Powerskiff) with 4 stroke

    Is that length from prop to tongue? Trying to figure out if it’s fit in my garage. Thanks
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    WTB Promar Ambush net

    Anybody have a new or good condition Promar Ambush net for sale? I only need the net as I have rope and the float but if you have a deal for a complete set, I’m open to discussions I had one of mine stolen while I was daytime hooping for crab in Redondo. I want to get a replacement so I can...
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    For Sale Rods and big fish combo for sale

    (left to right) 1. Shimano Teramar TMC-711MBRA (7’11” 12-25 lb test, medium power, extra fast action). inshore series. Great shape! $100 [SOLD] 2&3. TMC-74MHBRA (7’4”, 12-25 lb test, medium heavy power, fast action) 2 available. Inshore series. Nice for bassing or football tuna! Both in...
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    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    Thanks Sherm. I was going to post on SC but got lazy.., lol
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    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    Processors did a real nice job. Yield is around 50-60% of the whole weight so I got around 100 lbs of fillets with maybe 12-15 lbs of toro (belly)!
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    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    There were 3 other fish hanging on the port side down the rail and it was going goIng to be too difficult to get it around the bow. So Greg made the call to lift it over the rail right there
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    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    SHORT story: 1.75 dayer aboard the Aztec, departing Nov 4th, fishing the 5th, returning the 6th. 23 anglers finishing with 73 BFT up to 293 lbs, 3 YFT up to 85lbs! 6 of the BFT being jumbos and I was one of the lucky ones. LONG story: My fishing group and I had been watching the insane...
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