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    Saltwater 3100 HP to the rescue!

    That is a heck of a tournament. After day 1... White Marlin Open 2021: Day 1 leaderboard White Marlin. 8/2/2021, Fender Bender, Mike Atkinson, 82.5 lbs, $4,900,000. Blue Marlin. 8/2/2021, Mama C, Chris Perry, 559.5 lbs, $800,000. Tuna. 8/2/2021, Seven, Lawrence Morejon, 137 lbs, $1,043,000. ...
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    Shortraker rock fish off Washington?

    Funny this came up on another site this morning. interesting how Rhett knew how far it came up by the barotrauma lifting the scales. Well, then there is the obvious eyeball issue going on!
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    Saltwater 3100 HP to the rescue!

    White Marlin Open is a phenomenal event. Richest tournament in the world. The boat that sank was backing down on a fish. The guys i fish with have mentioned they frequently check their double clamps on their exhaust pipes. Backing down into waves can put a lot of pressure on the hoses...
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    Shortraker rock fish off Washington?

    Ask Rhett. He will know if and where the shortrakers are.
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    WTB: Shimano Trevala TVC-66MH

    I have tvc66hx2
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    Gel Coat Repair??

    Cover with preservation tape to keep from wicking water until you fix it whether you or somebody else does it.
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    Feedback on using the Ballard Lochs

    Make sure you have 2 lock lines 50 ft each. Go to the army corps of engineers Hiram Chittenden Locks page and it has great pointers. Assume you will be rafting to others so have fenders for both sides of the boat. Have life jackets for every one to wear when locking through. Have people...
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    Canada Border opening 8/9/21

    The border to the US hasn't really been closed To Canadians. I see a lot of British Columbia licensed vehicles at the tulalip outlet mall. Saturday I counted at least 50 British Columbia license plates. They have been present at the outlet mall regularly throughout the covid border "closure"...
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    Saltwater Saddle up boys. They’re here!!

    The Tuna Fishing BC page is on fire! Albies and BFTs being caught and not that far off.
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    WDFW Picking On Tribes!!!

    Well, legal historians have long said the best avenue of challenging the Boldt decision interpreted percentages is on the "moderate standard of living clause" since the arrival of casino revenues. Too many uneducated, shortsided people fail to understand that. Boldt himself thought casino...
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    Wdfw dip shits

    3 fish limit at Sinclair Inlet.
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    anyone with a killbag for sale?

    68"X24" 75.99 40"X16" $39.69 Pick up in Everett. Or meet me at Westport. >40 of each one in stock. PM me for quantity pricing. These aren't the stitched seams. They are welded seams so no funk stink leeches into the foam.
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    Deep Cycle Draw Down Data

    Also, if you are desulfiting your FLA batteries with a 200 amp charge like Paul mentioned, make sure you are doing it in a well ventilated area, add distilled water as necessary so you don't boil them dry. I bought a big old charger with the 200a jump start function specifically for this...
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    Vac + Chamber Sealers

    I got mine from Thom also. Great in setting it up and he answers calls when you have questions!
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    Vac + Chamber Sealers

    No, it is not retort rated. You have to have the ability of the sealing bar to put on the p ressure and the heat. Trying to do retort without a retort rated bag and sealer will get you expensive cooked tuna, and maybe even some botulism!