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    Fish Identification? Golden Spotted Sand Bass or Spotted Cabrilla?

    That's a gold spot for sure. Cabrilla have smaller "freckles".
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    Now I'm ready to go fishing!!!!

    Now thats what I call a party boat...
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    Coronado island Reds

    He's a junior intern for the Humane Society and one of PETA's reps for BD monitoring...
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    Coronado island Reds

    Caballo del mar simply stated limits of reds.. As shown by the neat display.. The first pic was simply assorted rockfish.. It wasnt that pertinent to post "limits of reds, 3 chuckeheads, 6 starrys, 5 boccacio, 7 honeycomb, and 1 striper"
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    La Jolla Rockfish

    I thought it was moved from the jokes forum?:picknose:
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    SOUTH 9 REPORT 1-6-2015

    Hes not picking on him.. Simply stating that the link Sueno posted regarding needing an FMM contradicted Sueno's initial statement that he didnt need one.. If theres other info, please.. Do share..
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    Monster Cabezon out of Channel Islands

    X2 for Lyons! Lance has done every one of me and my uncles' fish.. 28 and counting!
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    Monster Cabezon out of Channel Islands

    I knew the Fukushima radiation would have an effect on our fish somehow!! Not freak mutations like that piggy though!! Beautiful fish.. It would go on the wall!
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    Red Rooster 4 day 9-9 to 9-14

    I had a buddy who went on a 5 day last week on the Searcher.. He said they could only keep a 1 day limit for all 5 days since they fished US waters.. So that would be 10 yft and 10 bft for 5 days..
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    New lo-an

    Probably made around 6-7 stops for the day.. Plenty of boils.. They wanted the 25-30 lb fluorocarbon.. Wouldn't touch the 40lb.. Because of only 19 guys on the boat, had Plenty of room at the rail.. Captain and crew worked hard to put us on fish.. Didn't have to wait more than a few seconds when...
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    New lo-an

    I was on that trip that left Thursday and fished Friday.. We fished the east end of San Clemente.. Saw the Rooster, Searcher, and other boats from the SD and LA fleets.. We only picked up 3 YFT in grey light but good quality (22-25lbs).. Trolled and glassed until 9:30 when the bite turned on...
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    Fishing in Norway - 2014

    Yeah, definitely looks like a wolf eel in that last pic
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    Poppin for YFT and Cortes Bluefin - Pacific Voyager 3 day Video.

    Loved the video! Seems like ya'll had plenty of room at the rail.. Great explosions on the popper! Laughed my ass off watching that deckhand pretend that tuna anus was a water fountain.. Haha
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    The unknown fish looks like an African Look Down.. Also caught in Baja, the name is just a misnomer
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    9' Great White Shark Appears to be Eaten Whole

    Maybe another shark took a bite where the tag was.. They do pick up electrical signals pretty well.. Just 2 cents..