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    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Steel wool and wd40 and then maybe a little less salt air!!! :-):-):-) LOLLOLLOL
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    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    Remington 11-87 28 inch barrel matte finish 12 ga. You can use it for everything under the sun. I do!
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    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    I have been lucky enough to see 3 of them they are awesome!!!
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    Red Rooster: 10/20-10/28 Report

    Awesome report!!! Can't say enough about your son, Ethan and the rest of the crew of the Red Rooster 111!!!
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    How to troll for tunas big boy style!!

    Years ago my father was on the ship Ticonderoga county anchored up at San Clemente island. He told me stories of catching very large sheepshead from the ship. My father is 81 now. This happened sometime when he was between 18 and 22 years old.
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    Fishing gear taken from driveway in SF

    Go to the nearest homeless camp, try not to step in any shit on the way. Sorry for your loss!!! Hope you get it back!!!
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    ELK Quest

    We will need a full report with pics!!! Good luck!!!
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    Memories with the Kid

    Wow nice goat!!! And with the daughter too, Sweet!!!
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    Red rooster calstar 6-day trip report

    Great report! Was there on the Izorline trip a couple trips ago. Great Boat, crew and food. Thanks for writing.
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    Red Rooster Roll call .. 6 day IZORLINE ..SEPT. 8-14

    Sheila and I will be there. 3rd or 4th time on the Izorline trip but the first to the island if we go!!!
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    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    This is a great thread for us newcomers!!! We get to learn a little history.
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    Opportunity for Long Range Anglers on the Red Rooster III

    Just read on f***book there is still 3 spots open for this trip, Although at regular price!!!
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    OK for "kids" to out-fish you, or not?

    I don't have any kids. But when my wife out fishes me. It makes me as happy as fuk!!!