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    cabo report!.....TUNA

    Just returned home from Beautiful Cabo last night. Fished on Fin Addict with Martin and Omar on Monday for the first time. Our "regular" boats were booked. So glad to report that Fin Addict will be one of our new regulars. Boat was in great condition and the team fished hard - very...
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    cabo report!.....TUNA

    Fin Addict, looking forward to fishing with you guys 10/3/16. Bringing our bag of tricks and some hard cores that love to fish to make sure we raise something. Any of those slob size tunas still around ? Tree sized Hoos? OKUMA MAKAIRAS rock hard when you want to turn their heads and make them...
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    Bigger tuna still around cabo and good blue marlin fishing

    Awesome blue and slob yellow fins. Good to see Luis and Caesar in some pics. Glad to see that dentist downtown got your smile fixed up. lol. Gotta stop eating all that sashimi..... Look forward to fishing with you in Oct and Dec.
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    3-200llb tuna in one day YEA RIGHT

    Applaud you for staying the course and staying true to the sport and your passion. Takes courage and resolve to stand up and swim against the tide, sticking to the facts and not perpetuate bogus business as usual. No different than thinking for a brief time that I had caught an albino sailfish...
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    12yr old kid gets his first two marlin today using a full stand up bucket harness

    Yeah Jack. Teach those men how to stay calm on Thursday. Let us know how you do. Noticed the technique with keeping the line evenly across in the video. Mike gets loud when you don't do that ;-) Great job.
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    Renegademike gets into some great roosterfsihing today Monday June 10

    I know that woman... that's Mama Scangela. Nice Job Ange! Sure beats those little lake fish or the frozen tilapia's back home ugh? Now go get a massage and mani/pedi.
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    Renegademike gets into some great roosterfsihing today Monday June 10

    Mike, definitely some beautiful Roosters. Shame to hear that some charters are gaffing these fish, not much of a way to maintain a go to fishery for sure. Maybe you can talk Phipps into catching a few this week. Looking forward to getting after the cows, blues, and blacks with you in October...
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    Renegademike gets a Swordfish

    The prize goes to Joshua Poeske. I did have insider information and anytime I can bust Mike's chops I take it. I'm certain everyone who knows Mike on this forum understands why. The only prize I want is for the chicks to win the "Battle of the Bertrams" this year. Great write up and video...
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    Renegademike gets a Swordfish

    Based on the looks of the length and girth... i'll throw out a 218.6. Does that mean $1 per charter in 2013? haa haa.
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    Fished in Cabo Nov 25 with Renegade Mike, Christian, and Fernando. Caught a marlin using the harness for the first time. It's a different feeling altogether but was a lot easier on the arms. I made a lot of mistakes and kept wanting to hold the rod but Mike and crew took the time to get me...