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    Any BD large get togethers planned for late Jan or Feb?

    Would like to get in on this for sure as well as a Tahuya quad party. Maybe a presale to friends that you have fished with?
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    Pesky deer

    That's a big coon
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    Pesky deer

    Awesome footage looks like most of bucks are back. The 2point on my property showed back up with the help of apples
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    It was fun as hell rallying your truck to harder ground looking forward to filling my tag this weekend got to love the problems that happen that make u better
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    WTC smack talking thread

    Pictures or pitchers of beer?
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    need some help!

    I will help out would be nice if others would too
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    Anyone one heard from Jailer1

    I've tried to get ahold of him a few times and said he's not fishing this year and concentrating time and money on hunting
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    Still sucks

    Oh Fuck Yeah
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    MA 12 Crab

    Working Saturday to be able to get Monday off to catch such crab that doesn't exist
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    Anyone looking for a new to them sled in a few months?

    Nice boat for the lucky guy who gets this!
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    New to me boat

    Nice job Hunter! cant wait to get her bloody.
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    2015 Annual Tahuya quad party date

    In, can bring firewood
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    Pops 1st WA Bull!

    Nice bull Paul!
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    My Halloween bull with pic!

    Nice! cant wait for some of that chicken fried elk steak at the next quad get together.