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    Shogun with Wife, Son, and fishing Buddies

    The first post I read ended up making my day. Thank you and congratulations for such a loving family.
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    Bluefinn 5/27/20 Down and Tight

    The fish are in a 5 mile zone to the NW of these #s. Those are the most inside numbers I’ve seen. BTW we caught a few drifting in a large group of boats but we scored 4 in an area off by ourselves with a couple of buddy boats.
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    Bluefinn 5/27/20 Down and Tight

    Big area of YFT and good grade. We got 6 while drifting the dead flier. No BFT for us but we saw a couple caught along the 27 line. YFT in May. Might be an epic year for exotics.
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    Fleet Re-Opening...facts vs fiction.

    We’ve certainly had our moments but I love this industry. Should any of you need a fighter I’ll do my best for you for free. Don’t hesitate to call. When it comes to these lockdowns my loyalty is to small businesses like yours, not the politicians.
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    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    If they knowingly put passengers on the boats without insurance required by CG licensing and an accident (God forbid) happens, the landings will have liability this time. A liability waiver would likely be against public policy if the vessel was knowingly being operated unlawfully (in violation...
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    SOLD 2007 38’ Mediterranean

    Great deal right here. GLWS.
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    Looking for fish report finding ads

    Why do I only see ads for Pornhub?
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    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    All you old cusses are so full of hot air. This kid is showing the right stuff. LIKE
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    SOLD soldsold

    Wow. GLWS.
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    For Sale 1987 13' Boston Whaler Sport

    Great Crowley boat. GLWS.
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    Andrew Viola

    It’s handled. Thanks for the help.
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    Andrew Viola

    I’ll pay $100 to the first person who sends me a photo of Andrew Viola at the Long Beach Show this weekend. Use DM.
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    Endless Summer for Trout Bum - NZ Style

    One of my best friends is Bart Forsyth from Auckland and he’s made me promise next year to spend a week with him there so I will probably take you up on this offer and figure out s trip. It would be nice to have more rainbows in the mix because to be honestly there were days where I didn’t net a...
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    Endless Summer for Trout Bum - NZ Style

    Thanks Mate. We had to chip around a bit but we managed to put a great trip together despite the floods. It kept me off some great rivers I really wanted to fish (Mataura, Mavaroa, Dobson, etc.) but that just makes me want to return.