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    Live Bait in the Bays

    Ya but this is the BASS club where guys fish artificial baits for BASS
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    Throwing BIG swimbait tips!!!!!!

    Its all personal preference. I fish 65braid/30flouro for most of my bigger baits, straight braid on wakebaits. some guys like 30lb mono only. Just try different stuff to see what works best for your type of fishing. +3 on the rainshadow blanks. I built a 945 that I love and have thrown...
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    theyre showing up more and more frequently the last few years. In past years it would be 2-5yrs between the time you would see them. they eat everything, including each other! I think it has an impact on some fish migrations, like sand bass. I dont know if theyre eating all the bass but they...
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    Dragging the Mud Dana Point 11.6.12

    that thing works ok for fish up to about 2lbs any bigger and you have to use so much lead that the thing opens and the fish floats back up. good idea tho. Ive found that if you remove the bulky meat from either side of the fish, they go down much easier. :rofl: just playin, dont tell anyone...
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    beefing up my rod

    fish the roosters from the beach with it
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    Coventional or Spiral Wrap (Acid)

    ive also heard of guys putting the stripper guide off center the opposite way of the twist to counter act the line piling up? any thoughts?
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    Coventional or Spiral Wrap (Acid)

    ok, to go one step further with the spiral wrap... do you wrap towards the handle or away? ive seen it done both ways. what is the reasoning for the way it wraps. or is it 6 of one and a half dozen of the other? im considering a spiral wrap on my rainshadow iswb945, gonna be fishing smaller...
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    Check out this ad on Craigslist...

    drugs and hookers are illegal, fish is not
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    broken guide

    go to glenns tackle on baker. bobby will do it right there for you.
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    the thunderbird is running overnight trips every wednesday friday saturday and sunday. departing the night prior. $99 on weekdays and $109 on weekends with no fuel surcharge! Call daveys locker 949.673.1435 for reservations. the boat is also available for charter anytime.
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    Which boat?

    on a flat calm day sure, but if the weather came up you would get your ass kicked
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    TruLine 6X

    price? pics?
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    weather looks good for this weekend. we cancelled tonights trip, its supposed to blow 35-45 gusts to 50 tonight with 12-14' swell at 8 sec... :eek: no thank you