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    Wtb: Parker 2120 ready to buy
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    WTB: Pilot House (Parker, Blackman, Stringari, etc.)

    Ive PM'd you a couple times... I have a clean 2120 for sale... wont last long
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    "Go-To" Trolling Lures Region Specific?

    ...and... every year is different. Ive been using spreader bars on the West Coast for 10+ years now. Some years they are mainly an attractor and don't get bit much (Im convinced they help bring more fish to the boat- so they always stay in the spread)... and other years the spreader bars are...
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    Show Me Your Butt!!!

    How 'butt this one?
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    Still Whackin Albies from Eureka

    I was with Marc on the last trip and we caught one on dead bait (actually, I should say, we lost that one- someone got spooled) and we got one on a swimbait.
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    El Nino Latest Forcast

    Click on the "Figure 6" link in the article and it shows the models predict El Nino into Ma/June/July. It appears it will last beyond that too (if I interpret correctly)?
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    Still Whackin Albies from Eureka

    No live bait available here
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    Still Whackin Albies from Eureka

    Thanks for the epic trip Marc! Those were some fat fish. Epic day.... October Tuna FIshing is what its all about!
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    Time to fess up about the tuna!!

    Almost all the Bluefin being caught off Morro Bay are coming on spreader bars. Pretty interesting
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    Eureka Albacore.... We Got Um!!

    Some underwater video at the end...
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    Still whackin salmon limits
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    Stupid Hammerheads

    Nice ones(s)(s)(s) !!
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    Eureka Albacore.... We Got Um!!

    Thanks for going long Marc!! Very nice boat and perfectly equiped dancefloor with no coolers or tripwires. We left at 545, This is what we live for as tuna addicts!! A 4 hour ride out...
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    Pac Butts chewing again!

    Kickin BUTT! As usual... nice job Capt