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    Cubby aka Scrap Patty died last night at 17. He went every trip, and had thousands of hours at...

    Cubby aka Scrap Patty died last night at 17. He went every trip, and had thousands of hours at sea. I may never fish again without him.
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    Friday the 13 th
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    Launched around 1pm, ran out near the 277. found a hundred terns and some puddling tuna.... not a lot of volume of fish, but they were there... tried running a chum line a few times near the activity.... never got bit. but, there were some feeding bft and yft in that area.... get 'em ~ GOOD LUCK!
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    7/29 - Dana Point - 209 - 289 - 81 Area

    Encouraging! that's way more than i've seen! And i've been fishing out of D.P. at least 2 or 3 days a week all summer!
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    N9 - 182

    i should jump in too.... i've seen dozens of do do's and yellows on patty's this year, but it's been really difficult to get bit (at least for me)... even with a tank of mackerel!
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    Sea Adventure 80 6/27-7/1, 4hr cow tuna...almost

    I feel your pain! In 2016 i hooked a 250lb plus bft on a popper on 50lb mono on my bay boat.... I was ONLY on for an hour and a half, and followed it immeadiatly, but after an hour and fifteen minutes the awesome sized fish circled the boat 20 times, just out of gaff range... After an hour and...
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    Hooks on Halco poppers

    i've made hundreds of trout imitation wooden plugs for stripers and big bass..... caught many 40 to 50 lb stripers... all i know for sure, is you want a swivel imbedded inside the lure. i also prefer one hook, not two. two hooks work against each other when fighting a big fish. After those...
  8. 26lbs pencil popper

    26lbs pencil popper

  9. big dan's 38 pound halibut out of ventura

    big dan's 38 pound halibut out of ventura

  10. tyler's white sea bass

    tyler's white sea bass

  11. 2017


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    out of DP saturday...

    first Dana Point trip offshore since i moved from laguna to Ojai... didn't quite get 'em..... But it's on! launched at 5am, got a scoop o' deans, headed out of the marina by 6am, found boiling tuna at 7am... stayed on the same boil for 20 minutes~ hooked one on the popper... unbuttoned...
  13. i am one lucky guy.

    i am one lucky guy.

    the view from our south laguna pad!
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    San Diego 3/4 (9/6)

    Tried 6 and 8 lb ''bob seagar'' on stripers, with live shad. I'll never use it again. Breaks way too easy for me.... maxima makes floro, and it's just as good as regular Maxima.
  15. 2nd record

    2nd record