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    Gasp! A Area 7 Fish report!

    Well done, my friday efforts resulted in nill. I never seem to catch fish when it’s raining, and it was on-off-on rain all morning. Did find lots of bait and plenty of marks to chase:
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    Minus Tide - Everett & The Crab Opener

    ha that’s a half rack of entertainment right there. —. Everyone has to learn somehow.
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    Another transducer question

    Technically true, that it’s a not a Low Wide. Mis-stated. I was transmitting at 42kHz which is 25 degree beam/cone. (widest it will transmit.) The Hi is 25-30 degree beam/cone, and i had it at 250 kHz so like 27 degree cone. I was trying compare the two elements keeping the beam widths the...
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    Another transducer question

    quick report, the transom mount tm275lhw was awesome. — Did not play around too much with settings (gain/rejection/etc); mostly left the Garmin to auto. (will get it dialed on another trip) And found the “low wide” element actually worked better. Stronger returns/marks, and the fish and...
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    @MarkColeman thanks for the parts awhile back. And for showing the boat, it’s quiet the impressive body of work you’ve put together. — A lot of people are going to be thrilled just to go for the ride. (Let alone catch some fish.) Flagship of the All Rivers Armada.
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    Bloodydecks gear review

    Ha, curious how many people had a brain melt on the materials science class Hard Chargin just gave.
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    Throwable PFD group buy

    perfect, i’ve been looking for one on the small boat. These are pricey little buggers but huge space savers.
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    Another transducer question

    I intend to get a TM275LHW in the next week or so. So no report, other than the spec’s seem pretty decent for most salmon and tuna fishing, but will probably be too broad a cone for precise structures on deep halibut/ling. My concern was Garmin XSV series actually putting 1kw to each element...
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    Custom trailer

    TuffTrailer. Love mine, granted my boat weighs half the 32TE. This said, that’s a lot of boat to be trailer around. Do able, yes, absolutely. — But may not be practical. 12.4’ wide (??? tall) and 26k lbs is going to put some transport limitations.
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    Anyone got an opinion on

    I have several new and old style. I went with the new style recently because... 1) Now in lefty version...not for me personally but need a couple on my boat. 2) 6.3 ratio so they crank fast. Super fast for bringing in gear! 3) Smaller profile. (at least 600’s) And as Redzwulf stated. Gears...
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    Etec’s toast....

    this is a bit of a market shock. I’ve got one that I love (hp to weight ratio is perfect).
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    White starboard

    i have some 1/2” (white) you can have. If the other options don’t work. — rendezvous tbd, as i’m all over the place at the moment.
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    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    Otherwise you really want a hydraulic mini-jack plate or kicker bracket.
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    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    Can the rigid kicker bracket be removed and mounted under the swim step (upside down). Several angles and clearances at play; but may work out with some minor hardware mods. Or new bracket mounted underneath. Bigger issue on swim step mounts is clearing the stern wake once tilted up. The...
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    Neah bay reservations

    Their (Mike) FB page said they were going to start calling people about affected reservations. (That was dated the 6th May.) — This said, there’s probably a pretty decent backlog to call, and probably a decent cash flow issue to address as well. (We may end up with store credit, not too hot...