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    Best Boat Wash Moss/Mildew

    Muriatic Acid, get a gallon for $7 at Lowe’s and it will last you a lifetime. (Unless you do masonry for a living.) Hydrochloric acid (HCl) (the base acid in muriatic acid); is the most cost effective way. And if you need strong stuff, you can readily find 30%. (You can cut it with water.)...
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    Need a E over H brake guru

    what happens when you pull the emergency pin. Does the actuatator kick on and the brakes clamp. (if so do it again and put a little pressure with the truck to see if they are actually clamping with some pressure.).
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    Anchor and rode needed

    Agree that two setups is the way to go. A few things to throw out there. The lighter (longer) anchor system will make a great stern anchor or stern tie-off when gunkholing. There are a lot of anchorages where stern tying becomes hugely helpful or necessary. So keep that in mind, 100’-200’ of...
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    Two Stroke Silencer?

    This is a good write up i stumbled across trying to find the material. It is spot on in the comments about air gaps causing sound ‘shorts’ (which you can’t eliminate on an outboard air intake), and the need to mylar wrap the edges...
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    Two Stroke Silencer?

    Years ago, redid a 90 hp Merc 2S cowling. Used heavier duty material than dynaliner (bit more pricey too). It worked pretty well for an outboard. clearances were very very tight (1” thick). And was worried the mylar outer layer might refract/reflect a lot of heat back into the engine. It’s...
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    Wtb distribution panel

    AC switch 3-position, Kraus & Naimer C32 - 50amp 2 pole. Free (took it off a boat for a 4-position)
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    Ever wondered what sunfish meat looks like

    Not that I enjoy hitting animals/fish, but glad to see the amount of soft tissue before the harder cartilage in body. Definitely hit a couple decent ones this summer. They were very close at one point, inside the red can.
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    Charging systems 6V 12V 24V?

    yeah i hear you, ac (hvac) units are not cheap on a boat, granted nothing is. 50/50 in my opinion, on PNW boat with lots of rain and seasonal use probably ok. A southern cali/mexico boat that gets a lot more salt marine air with little rain, probably not so much. But you get 3 tries cost...
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    Charging systems 6V 12V 24V?

    100% on do whatever you want. And keeping it simple. Suggest some quick paper napkin calcs load estimations, alternator (output vs rpm) and battery capacity and then determine what goes on what circuit. — Because an HVAC unit can be really big load. (Especially if it’s wired AC, requiring an...
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    A10 open

    West Point wind today...
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    Here we go again NB 2021

    Hobuck resort’s website has stated for several weeks they are not taking 2021 reservations. Big salmon has my last year’s reservation too; just waiting it out. — Maybe a summer salmon trip at this rate.
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    Charging systems 6V 12V 24V?

    If you’re starting anew on a rebuild/upgrade, a full 24VDC all the way around will probably be easier/simpler and cost less. (Given your engine/alternator output.) Check the electronic systems to see what is only 12VDC. You’ll probably find that replacing a handful of older items, like...
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    Happy Tanacom Tuesday!

    24 of them...
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    Gas tax 2020

    Yes, tis the time. The plain language explanation for those unfamiliar:
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    Canvas Maintenance??

    taking care of canvas is a huge pia; it’s just like waxing and sealing gel coat... Get the right product on the right material, as others mention. Cleaning is straightforward: A good rinse, soapy water wash (light brush on canvas, clean cotton rags on windows), rinse again, then dry and...