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  • Greetings!

    Can you recommend some lures (both poppers and stickbaits) for use with spinning tackle for tuna? I'm going to be talking to Jamie when he gets back off vacation about Black Hole spinning rods. Thanks!

    Canyon Country,CA
    Hey Kil it's Ken Mullen. I'm running a small charter operation out of Dana Landing in San Diego. Was interested in speaking with you on a pro staff position and carry your rods exclusively on my boats. Here's my number (760) 805-7785 call me when you have time.
    Hello Mr. Song - Really enjoying the Jigging Master Power Spell PE7 reel you sold me. I am now building a Cape Cod Special Slow Pitch B-631H2MF blank. Which reel do you recommend for that rod for slow pitch? Will be bottom fishing the Gulf of Mexico...less than 200m depth.
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