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    Sublease a slip 36' Elliott Bay or 40' North Marina Everett

    Asking for a long were you on a waitlist? Or are you just subleasing?
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    2019 parker 2120

    Registration numbers were on the side of the cabin in his other add from a year ago???
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    Reliable lift

    Mine is in the CSR Ballard yard right now. Good guys to deal with so far. Would expect Des Moines guys to be the same. Have you talked with your shipper about the route they plan on taking? Everett was great to work with and plenty of room for a low boy to pull into. Not sure how much room...
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    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    I used to do this back in April for my shrimp fix. Not so much this year as the border got shut right when I was ready to go. IF the borders are opened then so long as you don’t throw an anchor it’s a relatively easy process that does not require customs. upon re-entering with the shrimp...
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    Channel your inner female.....

    Ascend is hands down the best view in all of Bellevue. Go for the experience. Know you are going to drop coin. My food experience wasn’t the greatest. It was good mind you. But maybe when you are paying that kind of money i expected jaw dropping. Again for the experience...the...
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    Race for the Blue 2020

    that was my concern. Emailed them in regards to their no refunds policy. They said if border is unable to cross then refund is available. If I “just can’t make it” well that’s a different story. seems like a low number of entry but sort of makes sense as it’s a massive commitment. And back...
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    Race for the Blue 2020

    Saw a thread about the 2019 tournament but nothing about whether or not any BDers gave it a go. If you did...what was the experience like??? It seems like a HUGE commitment, not just on the $$ side of things. But sometimes bold move yield bold results. And yes...I'm entertaining an entrance...
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    Bait Tank pump recommendation

    Just went to the boat. I thought there was NO access to be below the waterline. Turns out there's a perfect spot just below the line so that remains an option.
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    Bait Tank pump recommendation

    Goat...will never go to those Rules again...ever. The worldcat I went to that magentic drive style. It worked flawlessly for the remaining time I owned the was just loud. Going to head to the boat and see what pump is on it now. The existing transom set up is a crazy system...
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    Bait Tank pump recommendation

    I should also clarify that they are removing the existing through hull to add a scoop style pick up to force water up so that may negate any issues with the cyclone not being able to pick up water.
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    Bait Tank pump recommendation

    Boat is in the yard about to get my new 48 gallon bluewater tank installed. I'm looking at pump options. Randy from Bluewater is recommending the Jabsco Cyclone pump but it's a below the waterline style pump. While it may be a great pump I'm still worried about an air lock AND trying to find...
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    SlapShot is back on Float 12

    I like that program. I’m a few weeks out and a few kts. slower at cruise So might be a first light departure for me. But great you guys broke up cruise time with fish time. You got to fish some relatively untouched rockfish areas. Had to be lights out.
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    Transport company

    I used Associated back in December. Nothing but good things to say about the process.
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    Outriggers- who made these?

    Let me know if you need poles for it. I might be selling my 18' poles with a 1.5" ID opening. I'm in the middle of a puzzle trying to make something else work.