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    Fishing Co-op Ideas...

    Looking for creative ideas to fish. I used to own a 32' Pursuit (in San Diego) with twin diesels and sold it in 2012 when we moved up to Seattle. I used to fish 2-3 times a week from May-September and much of that was solo. I've freed up enough time the summer and would like to fly down and...
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    Hard to believe that this hasn't sold
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    26' Blackwatch w/ twin Honda 225's Reduced to $35,000

    Killer boat. Need some pictures of the interior, etc.
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    HVAC: Flexible ductwork replacement

    Need a licensed HVAC firm to replace ductwork under the house. Racoon destroyed most of it. Need someone immediately. No bullshit fly-by-night operations. Reputable companies only. Cannot be done as a cash side-job as homeowner's insurance is paying for it. Thanks [email protected]
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    Leaving Wed 19th returning Thurs 20th

    Leaving San Diego Wednesday around 8 p.m. heading south 80-100 miles. Fish in that zone until 2 p.m. and fish on the way home, returning Thursday around 6 p.m. $175 covers your share of bait, gas, food. Only plan on fishing total of 4 guys for this trip. Boat is 34' twin diesel w/plenty of...
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    La Jolla Report 8/9/09

    Eggs?....who cares about a few eggs. Fry that shit up! Take a look at the next dorado you get...full of worms/eggs.
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    34 ft. twin diesel...Fri 6th to the Hidden

    Normal crew is in Alaska fishing halibut... Leaving San Diego Bay @ 4 a.m. returning around 5 p.m. Have room for 3. Heading for the Hidden Bank and beyond. $150 each is the split for gas, bait, and ice. Prefer experienced guys. If it's too rough, we turn around and you pay nothing. My...
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    El Nino...

    Check it out: Model Outlooks for El Niño and La Niña
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    Brand New Trinidad 40N Narrow Special

    Brand New Shimano Trinidad 40N Narrow Special. This reel has never had line on it, but was the display case model and therefore has a few minor scuffs. Overall, still looks like a brand new reel. Will sell for $340. Includes box, clamp, etc.
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    Metal fabricators, I have a few questions

    discoloration...yes water jet is not that expensive
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    Brent- Cool...nice size fish. I'll probably get a load of shit for saying this, may want to keep the location to yourself. By no means is PB a secret, but it's fairly common amongst the serious halibut crowd to keep honey holes or hot spots on the DL. With nice fish like that...
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    Oct 4th - Panga?

    how much for a panga /day
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    Boat Canvas Guy...

    I remember sometime last year Ali posted a guy's number who did canvas work. Anyone know this guy or another reputable guy.