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    (Captain) Mike Berry - I Found Your Stuff

    Wow! You are a true Gentleman!!!
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    Offshore Today.

    that is just fricken awesome...
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    Offshore They are here but not hungry

    What day did you go out?
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    Offshore Fallin' for Dorado, hidden bank,9-20

    I love it... Kind of reminds me of the three stooges... Great job!
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    Offshore 9/21 picked away at em.

    Not too big, around 35', older cabin cruiser, with around 8 guys fishing
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    Offshore 9/21 picked away at em.

    Congrats on the fish, sounds like a great day. I was out Sunday to the 277 and back to Avalon all for 1 skippy. I too was cock blocked about 4 miles off the east end. I had fish start boiling around my boat and some douche-hole in a boat named "OSPREY" throttled in and practically landed right...
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    Fishing southwest end of Catalina

    You can hide... We will find you... Still trying to figure out what a "cockdie" is???
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    Offshore 8/25 Dana Point Tuna-DoDo-Yellows

    Awsome... Maybe the swell will push them up my way...
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    Offshore A 38" Henway

    That must have been a mutant...
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    Offshore Two first timers, no Bananas and Kelp paddy Dorados. Fri 8/22

    Awesome, good to know they are here! I just wish we had some of those deans over here...
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    Fishing southwest end of Catalina

    But Jamie! We want tuna!
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    Offshore 23 Mixed Tuna on the "Done Deal" 9/6

    I keep hearing 20# flouro with size 1 or 2 hook is the best bet Congrats on the great job catching!