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    Any info on Guadalupe

    I hear the water temp along the ridge has been hovering around 85 degrees which has pushed the fish out, too hot! It looks like most LR boats are fishing Bluefin and the “beach”.
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    Offshore San Diego 10/13

    Kudos to you kicking back the rat YT! There needs to be more fishermen that do the right thing.
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    What Color DTX Minnow 220 have been working the best

    Purple Pulsipher = dead Hoo!
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    Offshore VAGABOND Aug 7-10

    Well said Joe, I think a lot of us are in the same “boat’!
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    New Hustler Seabass

    Congrats Christopher! I’ll get up there eventually. Uncle Dave
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    Offshore Shogun with Wife, Son, and fishing Buddies

    Beautiful!! Good for you and the family, that’s what memories are made of.