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    Best way to cure foggy Pilothouse windows?

    try shaving cream on the glass. if you'd like to try it out, do a small area on the bathroom mirror, then take a hot shower. you will have to reapply if you wash the window.
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    Looking for a space for trailer

    im in hemet, i know its a ways out. but let me know if nothing else works out.
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    In need of trailer advice

    100% correct! theres no equalizer between the axles. so if you hop a curb lets say......that tire doing the curb hop will take ALL the weight, without transferring it to the other axle(s).
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    In need of trailer advice

    i'm curious as to the logic that torsion axles would "easier to fix in mexico". i've built alot of trailers, and can't think of anything easier than a steel frame and leaf springs to repair and find parts for.
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    SS Welding Question
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    For Sale mercruiser intake manifold and carb

    i just put a edelbrock manifold and carb on my new to me boat. so i have the MERCARB 2 barrel carb, spark arrestor, and mercriuser intake manifold. came off a 1999 vortec 5.7L. $400 obo
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    Bait tank die off

    is your tank on deck or outside the boat, like on a swimstep?
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    For Sale QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    i'll take them, pick up in ontario preferred.
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    The Highjacking of Dana Point Harbor By a Wall Street investment group and what we can do about it.

    somebody needs to trap some kangaroo rats and release them there.
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    For Sale QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    i think i want them. just need to confirm wheel size in the morning.
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    For Sale NIB Volvo Penta Exhaust Risers Set

    ok, im checking mine tomorrow. how much$$ in case mine are bad?
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    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    what are you overcompensating for?
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    correct prop question

    i use my boat only in the ocean. chad asked some questions, about the boat, current rpm at WOT, and my expectations. before when i throttle up, stern would dig in and drop. this was my biggest gripe. he also told me if his recommendation didn't work, i could bring back the prop and try another...
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    Trailer Lights Question Again

    i use valve lapping compound from napa. if your not familiar with it, basically its liquid sandpaper. i put some in the female side and plug in, pull out, repeat. when clean, spray with electrical contact cleaner, and apply die electric grease.