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    Westport marina weekend arrival

    There's plenty of open spaces in the marina now.
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    Saltwater I got to get it fixed

    I guy on the next float over had a bit of a mishap when docking. Not sure what actually happened but supposedly stepping off the boat to tie up he hit the throttle in reverse, boat backed with him hanging by the rail of the boat. It came across to my float, hit the commercial boat next to me...
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    Cub Scout Harbor Fishing

    At Westport they catch the heck out of small perch et cetera off the docks around the pilings. On the dock where my slip is I watched and had a great conversation (I like to BS) with a couple older Korean couples who were using Sabiki rigs to catch. Would there be the same type of fish in that...
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    Saltwater Quick report for guys going Wednesday

    Albacore of course, probably lost 3 or 4 on that stop. Honestly…I don’t waste too much time taking pics so no pics. No one want to get eye burn looking at a picture of my face.
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    Saltwater Quick report for guys going Wednesday

    Fished hard today. Jumpers et cetera. Just couldn't figure it out for the better part of the day. Set up around 38 / 18...worked N a bit. Didn't do much but I think some of the six pack guys were doing ok or picking fish off. Ran South 33/ 18 to 20. Picked 6 or 7. Then ran back N kind of...
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    Saltwater Tuna Safari Wednesday!

    Tomorrow for me. (Tuesday)
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    Our trip to Tofino, 8-17 Sept 2022

    Was that "Spooning" I saw on the water slide???? :gay::gay:
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    Saltwater Westport tuna rookie Sat 9/17

    Great trip. But WOW...driving back to Bellingham after a long day fishing. I bet you drooled on the pillow hard that night.
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    Saltwater Kodak's Tuna Trip Wednesday

    I got a text from him at 1150 pm the evening he got in. He said he was home and wobbly. Long assed day for a guy over 70 or a year or two or three shy of 80. It's nice in my case to be able to come in, dock, go home with a 10 minute drive at the most to get some sleep and then the next day...
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    Saltwater And...another bait tank question

    Yeah this is one I had left over from the Duckworth plus I had a couple spare cartridges. I do have a Sureflow bait sentry waiting in the wings but thought I'd use the Rule's up first. I did feel with 4 scoops with no dead loss was good. 2 scoops for each side of the 65 gallon tank. Flat...
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    Saltwater And...another bait tank question

    The black blob around the light is the scales.
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    Saltwater And...another bait tank question

    When I bought my Farallon I also bought their bait tank mainly because of the center bait well. Scoop a small amount of bait into the center to work off of. My thinking was it'd negate any chance of the net falling into the tank killing bait. The pump Farallon installed I felt had too slow of...
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    Saltwater WP Tuna 9/9

    So are we.
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    Lindell 41'

    Carbon Footprint.