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    baja delivery wanted

    Rigo from san Bruno is coming to see me in tijauna this weekend. I can ask to see if he will take it down for you. Felipe 714-318-3440 text me or call me to confirm.
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    For Sale NEW Large Okuma Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag $60

    I can send you the money on BevMo. If you can hold a bag for me.
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    For Sale NEW Large Okuma Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag $60

    I will take if you can hold it till next weekend as i will be san Diego ? 714-318-3440 send me picture to my cellphone Felipe
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    baja surf fishing ?

    Has any one done any surf fishing in Purerto Liberta on the Sonora side its about an hour past Puerto penasco. Looking to go fishing that way in a few weeks but have never been. Any info would be great Thanks.
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    San Bruno Dec 23 thru Jan4

    Good luck make sure you get Rigo to take you out.
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    Gonzaga Bay March

    The last time I was there they charged me $350.00 for the day.
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    San Bruno Dec 23 thru Jan4

    I left Irvine at 8am picked up my daughter in san Diego 10am. we crossed the border with no issues as it was raining. we did not stop in Ensenada as most of the streets where flooded and wanted to get past all the traffic. They are still doing road modification once you pass Maneadero wait...
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    travel rod recommendation for lexa 400hd

    I have a phenix travel rod comes in 3 pcs and a travel case . rated 30-38 and a 15-40 for my lexa 300. hope this helps.
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    SOLD Avet 50/2

    Avet 50/2 was a gift but has been sit in the box never spooled with line . Has a few scratch but it's new . Asking $450 Or best offer. No trades
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    THIS IS IT!!! The 20th Annual Halibut Classic!!

    let me know when you need me to pick up the magazine's?