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    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    I don't need the #'s. I have a freind who has a spotter plane and he spots for the commercial guys. II get all the #'s I want and large patties. :D
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    18 Gallong Make Matt Marine Bait Tank Help

    Your right on that one, a lot has to do to the way the water is flowing into the tans. It's compared to having a hose (1 feed of water source vs having either a baffle in the tank or multiple holes flowing tight to the inside walls around the tank. Also the condition of the bait will determine...
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    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Don't worry about it, The Fish will always be their!!! You, your Wife and Family want you to be around a lot longer than have a bag of fresh fish!! That 300 lb tuna your looking for is only going to get bigger in your absence. Take care of your health first! :cheers: (The Toast is a beer and a...
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    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    I don't buy it. To many sport boats and local boats coming and going to the Islands and offshore and all of a sudden they pop up close to a O.C Harbor Entrance?? If they consider the butterfly close to a harbor, Then I buy it. He probably wants other boats to go scout out areas for him!
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    Cedros Corona Status

    I guess you can't read.
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    Offshore fishing with a drone?

    Post your results. The next thing you will see (If it works out) People down at the docks selling drones or Maybe the Landing will start renting (If there's a demand for them) them like everything else.
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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Here's my educated guess to your answer, :finger:. Even if he was inside the limit, It doesn't give KAREN the right to do that!!!!
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    Corner-43-pyramid cove 8/5-8/8 weather advice

    It all depends on how well your familiar with the ocean/weather, Use common sense and know when to say" Enough is Enough". The weather is always unpredictable and sometimes wrong. It can go either way.
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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Thrown him up a couple of dozen of eggs for breakfast, with a pot of dark coffee onto his balcony, They eggs will be scrambled., and coffee stains are a bitch.
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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Count me In!!! Paybacks are a Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Top shot for BFT

    I think I'm just going to go with 25yds fluoro to spectra on all the reels. Less knots, less re-tying with a short 6' fluoro, Better casting. It's a little more expensive. I just hope I don't get sawed offed to many times.
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    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    Ask the fish processors if they will cut it the way in the video! :eek:. Now I know why a lot people on the sport boats will ask the crew for a few of heads, carcasses and belly's on the BFT when there cutting fish on the way in. Theirs a lot of waste when cut on some of the boats.
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    Santa Cruz Bluefin

    Washington had a 80 lb fish last week mixed in with the Albacore. What's next, Canada or Alaska will see a few wander up that way, I wouldn't be surprised.
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    Top shot for BFT

    That's pretty much the way I do it with a 6' fluoro and no top shot, But people always bitch because it's to short and worried about getting sawed off without using a top shot. Stay in front of your fish and it won't happen.
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    Top shot for BFT

    What do other people prefer when fishing the small and big bft, Spectra to a 6' piece of fluor-carbon or Spectra to top shot and a 6' piece of fluoro-carbon. I know some say that spectra to top shot only doesn't have any stretch and you will rip the hook out easier, especially when it's rough...