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    Rare opportunity! FULL day offshore limited load, max 14. SUNDAY, 9-25. Only one spot open for tomorrow...

    I've been on it before! One thing for sure about the boat Is It gets bit good and the fish come to the boat.
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    7Day Opening..Phenix Vagabond Sept 25th-Oct 2nd We had a last minute cancelation

    Thats what moving companies are for!! So you can go fishing.
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    POTUS… “The Pandemic is Over”

    You mean talking out his Ass like everyday.
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    POTUS… “The Pandemic is Over”

    November is right around the corner, It might look good in SOME Eyes.
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    Parker 21 live well conversion to baitwell

    You should check out the Parker boats thread on BD, It's a special group of people that own a parker. It's the Parker Tradition.
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    Rubber ties?

    Black electrical tape or seine twine. A couple wraps on the bottom, middle and top, When ready to put them away, Just a quick cut.
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    Polaris Supreme 9/18/22 - 9/21/-22 Report

    I've never seen anybody fish with 50lbs of drag! It must be one hell of a Ass Kickin with that much drag on 100lb.
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    Fluorocarbon - What Brand is Better to Tie Knots

    If your fishing with 50lb or less, The cheaper stuff is just fine.
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    Aftco Gift Card Trade for Cash

    Do I hear $30???
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    Aftco Gift Card Trade for Cash

    I'll give you $10 for it.
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    Frozen Mahi from the processors partially thawed.

    You should be fine, If theirs no air pockets in the bag.
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    Great bite out of Ft Bragg on 130-200+ lb Big Eye Tuna

    You weren't suppose to see that, But it was funny while it lasted.
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    16 OZ , I n- Line sinker Lots

    You guys better buy these up now, before Billy K Corners the market,:D