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    Hub replacement

    No brakes (yay!)
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    Planning for Canning

    I paid $25/dozen last year so $14.99 is a steal. I also got some chinese lids (4 doz) & went ahead & canned 12 pint wide mouth jars/tuna....ate them first & no issues but definitely flimsy & I would not buy again. In fact, I sent the rest of them back & got a refund from Amazon.
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    Saltwater MA7 Lingcod

    I have a cooler with measurements on it...tough to hold down a slimy monster so cut a 1" dowel stick to 36" & black ring at 26"...problem on!
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    Hub replacement

    Same advise from buddy Steve...will visit them Monday morning...thanks!
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    Hub replacement

    85 EZ loader trailer needs new hubs. Any particular brand that stands out; obviously want something decent that will hold up for a few years in the salt...thanks so much!
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    osprey went under the knife. #completed#

    Boat ownership is a beautiful Projects like this keep us from getting bored! Great job!
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    Saltwater MA7 Lingcod

    Amazing creatures those dragons are...and so fun to catch. Nice fish!
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    Fishing sunglasses

    My finder screen disappears when I have my polarized sunglasses on. Anybody have an economic non-polarized option they really like? Thanks so much!
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    Marine Upholstery

    Hoglunds it is! thanks guys!
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    Marine Upholstery

    I live in Kenmore...anybody have a good Marine upholstery referral? Have a couple small'ish curtains for my buddy's Tiderunner I need made. There used to be a guy right here in Kenmore but he's gone. Thanks in advance!
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    Saltwater Saltwater fishing report

    Here's another angle of those two fish....I got the first & was so happy to be king of ling for the day. Steve comes off his cold stretch & lands one just as big...layem down & he beats me by 1/2"! Go figure. Amazing day & amazing Pacific ocean life! PS 50" from my nose to my knee, I weigh...
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    Let's talk batteries.

    Small boat guy here; not much off shore (but a lot inshore!). Two scotty's, depthfinder; 4 stroke kicker with electric start (so charging). My 2014 Costco battery just puked at Sekiu...I always carry a spare onboard which worked perfectly. Back to costco to buy their Interstate brand...always...
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    Stereo head unit recommendation?

    If on a budget or have a boat that's not worth a million, I bought a $160 Pioneer marine stereo from Crutchfield with 2, 6" speakers....really has amazing bass & sounds great. Bluetooth pandora or hard wire....
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    BC this summer??????

    Well that's somewhat encouraging....!
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    BC this summer??????

    And, I've read if & when they do re-open, will be a 14 day quarantine. I see little to zero chance this summer but.....never know.... F Covid.....