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    WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish

    kenzmad submitted a new listing: WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish - WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish Learn more about this listing...
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    Pacific Northwest WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish

    Looking to buy my daughters girlfriend her first car. Looking for suv any size or pickup truck. They like to camp so cargo area is needed. Budget is limited 5k. Anyone got anything sitting around?
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    Anyone need shrimp pots?

    Gone! Wow, that was quick
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    Anyone need shrimp pots?

    Headed north to Lummi Island on friday. Buddy is selling 2 30” ladner pots for $50 each. Pot only, no rope or buoys. Ill drag them to kent if anyone needs them.
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    Discovery bay pot puller fyi

    ace line hauler motor #2 in 5 years shit the bed during shrimp derby. Ordered a Discovery Bay hauler. Called today and they are behind schedule. 2-3 weeks is the estimate. Staff issues are plaguing them. Seems no one wants to work. He is hiring if anyone needs a job or knows someone.
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    Boat Trailer Lights

    Start with the main ground wire on the trailer. Common ground to all lights. Highly unlikely that every light has a bad ground. Ground trailer to truck first.
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    Spot Shrimp Season

    3 hrs really makes you think about who comes with you. filling my freezer comes first. I know they count boats, I know they count floats. Whats their formula for number of peeps per boat. Have not been checked on the water or in the marina so they dont have actual numbers on my boat.
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Ummm. Thats a strange thing to know.
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    WTB minn Kota troller

    Bow mount or transom?
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    Time for a new pup

    Sorry for the loss of your bud. Its like losing a family member. We lost ours a year ago. This little guy is coming home in 7 weeks.
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    9 and 11 year old rain gear sitting around??

    Not Ideal for tuna but Bogs Boots warranty will replace boots if you are not satisfied. Do not fit anymore is a valid reason to be dissatisfied. Boots for life if you want to do the warranty thing.
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    Milestone achieved today

    Congratulations to MOM! 100 is super cool! Im screwed if I live to 100. Hope Seattle is still letting homeless camp there.
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    Bentley Rivermaster - Not Virginal....

    Find a Tollycraft site. Bet it gets snapped up in a hurry for the flybridge seating area.
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    How to stop boat leak.

    another tin vs glass thread. I will take my tin can, at least my dick wont itch afterwards.
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    How to stop boat leak.

    Hmmm, I see a minor problem. Most of us are in the saltwater. Ever seen what drinking saltwater does to a dog? Not sure I’d keep drinking.