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    First LR Trip for Rod & Amy 2021

    I booked my first long range trip 10 years ago on the Intrepid, a fall 8 day and have never looked back. Great variety and great group to fish with. Rooms 9&5 I believe have a wider bottom bunk. All rooms are nice and only 2 per room and the food is amazing. Im sure all the other boats are...
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    For Sale Wooden Tackle Box upright

    Will you ship to the Bay Area?
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    Sorry my friend, just checking if I can still see a picture of the albackore bag? Sent email as well.
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    PM sent. Re: Albackore bag
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    The reel deal. 533 narrow

    Thanks for the info, gear sleeve was changed, it that clicker from Cortez pretty straight forward to install? Thanks again .
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    The reel deal. 533 narrow

    It is a Torium handle. Stoked on how it turned out.
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    The reel deal. 533 narrow

    Well she turned out great, I can’t even begin to thank Dwight(Newell Nut) on enough for his advise and experience and generosity. As I sat here in Northern California with this (new to me, thanks Jim)used 533 4.6 with big plans of new 5 stack drags and narrow frames and zero...
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    Intrepid's cheif Brian

    He’s still on the Intrepid, he was on vacation for our 8 day two weeks ago. But was on the boat the morning we left getting everything dialed in. He’s a great guy and a very talented chef.
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    Ken & Miles Fall classic home

    You guys were missed for sure. Looking forward to fishing with guys next year. Give my best to your dad ,Mike and Wayne.
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    Ken & Miles Fall classic home

    We never had a chance to do the contest, so we have our contestants for next year all picked out. They have a year think about it.
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    Ken & Miles Fall classic home

    Got picked up at the airport by Mike Morris (Big Fish Transport). Off to the hotel and some rest. Load in was painless, got situated in our rooms and headed off to the bait receivers. We are underway at 12:30pm , Captain Sam gives us the plan. We will head down to the ridge, we are the first...
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    Roll call.Ken & Miles Fall Classic, Intrepid 9/26-10/4/2019

    My favorite 8days of the year. I shipped rods and tackle box and a few new toys down to Mike Morris(big fish transport) . Couldn’t be more stoked for Mike and that he is doing well. If you are flying in from out of town, I can’t recommend his services enough. Makes life so easy. Looking forward...
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    Red rooster 3 9/26 - 10/4

    Bad photo, it’s early. Make a 18/20 inch loop with your mono (this is were I use a spider hitch.) then tie the loop straight to your jig. It will form a double line. This has helped me be successful.