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    2004 M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher

    I decided to do a little upgrading on the off season. I had Kenz Canvas redo the enclosure and the cushions. He did an amazing job and I highly recommend him. The boat is getting ready for the 2020 season.
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    Boat Ho needed for SCI- Thursday, October 3rd

    I have one spot available to fish for the big BFT on Thursday, October 3rd to fish SCI on my sport fisher. I have the all the big gear, kites, flying fish, helium etc. The plan is to leave around 6:00 am from Mission Bay and head to SCI. You must have a good attitude and know your way around a...
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    Looking for crew members

    Thanks everyone. The boat is full this week and if something comes up, I’ll let you know.
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    Looking for crew members

    Hello All: It is that time of year where the pelagic fishing is starting to shape up. I’m looking for some reliable fishy crew members that can fish the weekdays. I haven’t fish the weekends in a long time and I find that the weekdays are much better. I am looking for some fishermen who like...
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    302 and in between the 371 and 425, 7-2-2019

    We headed out early from Mission Bay around 4:30 am looking to get into the zone. It took some time to find the fish as the reports have been all over the place. Monday’s report had the BFT going crazy at the 9 mi bank. We decided to head out and start looking above the 9 mile ridge. We marked...
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    Wednesday, 5/15 Tuna fishing

    I have 1 to 2 spots available to fish tomorrow on the Arjuna. It is a 42 ft sportfisher docked in Mission Bay. The plan is to meet at 5:30 am and then head out to the fishing grounds. You must have a Mexican license and have your own gear. Thanks, Keith
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    SOLD Boston Whaler 190 Montauk

    Everything Rusty has is like showroom condition. The guy has an addiction to keep his stuff looking brand new. GLWS
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    Invictus for Keith

    Thanks Jake, looks awesome
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    Marla's Sportishing, February 7-11th. Ultra Cow and Super Cow Landed
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    Marla's Sportishing, February 7-11th. Ultra Cow and Super Cow Landed

    I first want to thank all my fishing crew members making this the most memorable trip ever to Puerto Vallarta. Prior to arriving in Puerto Vallarta, some of the flights were either cancelled or had to be re-booked due to the weather. The farthest traveler was Matt from Milwaukee who had to...